Butter Cookies

cookiesWhy do people have to hide those butter cookies so high up? Mother always use to do that. They were always kept high above the kitchen shelf.
One day, I climbed up on the stool to reach up to those jar of cookies. I knew she had hidden them there. While I stood and surveyed the tins, I realized she had kept a smaller tin right behind. I opened it to notice a small wad of notes hidden there. They must have been a few hundreds. I kept them back there.
Late at night, my father came home dead drunk. He started to trash my mom asking her for money to drink. She kept on denying it.
Finally I couldn’t bear to see her getting hurt anymore. I climbed on top of the shelf and removed the tin and gave it to him.
I didn’t see him after that day again. Where did he go? I don’t know.
Should I have given him that tin box? I always wonder. If only……

Image Courtesy by pixabay

  • Got answers 🙂

  • If an individual believes that there is destiny and some super power above us, that what makes a person think that they are responsible? The boy thought he gave the tin so his father left them. Then we question, what if he hadn’t given?
    But what we forget is that destiny is responsible and nature works in tandem with it to perform the necessary part.
    If we give credence to human beings for taking responsibility, then we are decimating destiny and fate. Destiny is written by beings in their previous life and they are just sleep-walking through it now.

  • Will need explanation 🙁