Dead End

dead endRelationships reach dead end very soon.
Now what is there to talk about? There is hardly anything to discus in our lives anymore. These statements are usual in a marriage after a couple of years. Today, married folks hardly speak much. They have closed their communication window. There is no love left.
In arranged marriages, there is hardly any discussion since both the partners hardly know each other. To explore each other takes time. To build confidence in each other itself is tough. Then to discus private lives or the past is very difficult. Either of them have no clue how they will be accepted by the other. Hence they both prefer silence. Later, once the child comes into the picture, there is no time to talk. What is left of life is to discus mundane family matters and sometimes office. Once in a while it is holiday time. That too is fraught with pressures of money or time. So people get used to their lifestyle which hardly has any true love whatsoever.
Those who get into marriages after knowing each other, have already explored each other before. Having known each other, there is little to talk about again. So what happens to this kind of relationship? It again gets too mundane or there is a chance of a break.
Now I gave you two scenarios and both logically seem to deteriorate sooner than you can think. But is that the reason why relationships go down under? Is it because there is nothing to talk about or is it something else? The above explanations are the ones offered by people all the time. But that is not the case.
These people have lost the mojo just like Austin Powers. Their life is a dreadful bore and not worth emulating. There is no longer love left in their life. It’s all about desires and needs which are never fulfilled. It’s all about expectations. These needs, desires or expectations are never met. They walked into their relationship with full enthusiasm and gusto but now time has eroded everything.
It’s time to put the zing back into their lives. So first and foremost stop expecting and start giving. Give as much as you can without expecting anything back. Even a bunch of flowers occasionally or a small gift. A special holiday just for two. A special one on one without discussing job, family, money or difficulties. The good old people call it quality time. So spend quality time. Don’t expect anything and don’t bulldoze anyone into submission. Don’t look at your watch or the cellphone. Stay away from work. Take it slowly and build it up. Life will be a dream. Not that one of you will not give up sooner! You are sure to get frustrated. But persevere and you are sure to meet success.
Lastly a word of caution here. Every relationship is destructible since it material worldly. You know very well that nothing is permanent so stop expecting perfection. You should make do with material worldly relationship. It will always be full of expectations and desires. So stop hoping for an eternal and never ending love story. The happily ever after story is only for fairy tales. So don’t venture there. You can expect a working relationship if you just be nice to each other.
The only permanent relationship is with the divine alone. God is the only one with whom you can be really comfortable. There are no expectations. The two words which go with Him are love and devotion. Show Him that and you will have a ball of a time. Relationship with God has no bounds or limitations. There is no retribution or anger there. What you give is what you get from this relationship. So just pray and say all the good things. You don’t have to beg from Him for anything. He gives you everything. Just give Him your love.

Image Courtesy by   pixabay