Help Only The Deserving!

bear-683956_1280Helping those who need help or help only the deserving. You have sometimes gone out of the way to help the most undeserving person in your life and repented it afterwards. So who do you think needs the help or should be helped?
It’s mentioned in the Gospel of Phillip that you should help only those who seek help. Never try to push help down the gullet of a person who doesn’t want it. You are then thrusting yourself on that individual. Instead stop wasting your good time and energy on such people. The other thing is don’t waste your time giving to those who have it already. It’s like giving a dozen microwaves to a person as gift in marriage when only one is needed and they have it. What’s the point of giving to those who already have it?
So give to the deserving one only. Assess what is needed by that individual and then offer whatever is necessary. It doesn’t mean you should give far beyond your own means. Give only that which you can afford.
The divine only gives just enough and not more to the needy. The rich create their own with their ego. God doesn’t interfere in such an equation. Nature gives and takes away. Nature has a way with its transaction. What you sow is what you shall reap.
If you ask Krsna or Christ for 100, He will give you more than that if you are just a common beggar who keeps on asking. But if you are His devotee then He will offer you very minimum. That means He will give you 10 and not even 100.
Devotion comes from faith and complete surrender. You first gotta have faith in The Lord. Then you surrender to His will. He will help you only when it is needed. Unnecessary help should never be given. So don’t try to be kind to those who don’t need your kindness. Then there are those martyrs who feel that they deserve help but no one is looking towards them. They wallow in their own grief and martyrdom and feel miserably unhappy. These are the scum of the earth pigs. They love to wallow in their self pity.
It’s important to rise above the mundane. You should rise on your own free will and not wait for someone to help you. What happened to your own inner strength now?
Make that God within you to rise above and seek help. Only when you rise above and ask for help will it be given.
Raise your self esteem. Asking for help from those who can help is not to be made an ego issue. Seek and you will find. So ask for help and you will get it. Rise above and once you have it then help others with your grace. So once you are helped by others and have risen, then help others to rise too.

Photo Credit:  Pixabay