How To Thrive In Spiritual?

She asked for how I thrive in spiritual so here goes.
Everyone runs after unplugging, to discharge, to de-stress, to disconnect and to overcome the struggles, troubles and sufferings! So they suggest the relief through meditation, yoga, qigong, taichi or what not.
Now ask yourself whether these are permanent remedies or are they as temporary as your sufferings? You will know that nothing is forever so what makes all these celebrity endorsements or proof from the followers ever going to change your state?
You will be performing the yo-yo all your life. Sometimes the zen will give you high, sometimes Buddhism, sometimes yoga, at other times meditation, retreats or just some bullshitter who dishes peace and love at you. Know that even these are impermanent.
Till you are doing your yoga classes, you will feel rejuvenated and fine but leave it for a few months and your devils will be back taking you up, up and away. It’s just like the lithium medicine that you take. Remove it from the system and you are back to your paranoia and stressful state. Or you may go to a gym. The workouts will show your rippled effects or healthy body but the moment you stop your gym regime, your flab returns with vengeance. More harm than good comes to you.
Today there is an article which speaks of laughter gets you the same goody stuff as wonderful as meditation. Your happy state is achieved by meditation or laughter. So what is the big deal in meditation? I guess nothing looks the same if you get meditating. So what gives?
The same good-self feel comes with the first few glasses of a good wine but as you indulge in it, the disconnect shows up. You start slipping down the big big hole from the Alice story. Sex also gives you that requisite high momentarily but the moment you reach your climax, the whole joy shatters and you are back to your disembodied self full of disturbances.
Nowhere can you find that everlasting peace and there are absolutely no proponents who can grant you that state. The great socialites which propose to you that or the super charged hosts of talk shows are talking complete bull and crap. There is no rainbow at the end of that chicken run. So stop trying to reach there. No book can grant you that so don’t even think there are super techniques which can give you utopia. This can be seen by those who say they have a very profound hidden treasure to offer you. You make these people money-happy by buying their courses and books, attend their seminars or retreats. You can never achieve that utopian state.
Now for the proof of what I am saying. The greatest religions of the world are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, non-religion, Buddhism, etc.. In that order. Take the case of Jesus. When did He preach the followers to meditate or do yoga or go for all the stuff mentioned above? Never! Even the holy book of the Muslims never speaks of that. The next in line is Hinduism. It never told you to follow all that mentioned above. No one has ever known or understood Hinduism by hearsay. You can never say that the yoga that is taught is correct. Just the way you can use the Bible for devil worship, same way the words of the Hindu scriptures are bent for personal benefit. Atheism is next which had no belief system except in ones own abilities and proven science. Lastly Buddhism which promotes meditation and other stuff. The constant state of happiness is impossible to know when your stories wander at the time of buddha’s death. He died of poisoning and Ananda, his nominated successor was murdered even before he could be crowned.
So what happiness, joy, laughter or peace are we talking about here? No one can offer that. A person will always be shuttling or swinging between the two states of joy and sorrow. Both being temporary and the strongest of the two being sorrow. Sorrow and pain last the longest.
So how does a person thrive in the blissful state? That can only be known by the knower of truth. For which you need the guidance from a true Guru. The truth is understood only at the feet of a divine Master. Only a Jesus or Krsna or a Buddha can tell you what is it that’s happening. Seek spiritual guidance and not religious nonsense. So surrender to the great Masters and you will know the truth. Permanently!!!

Thrive In Spiritual

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