Lethargy And Inertia

LethargyEvery day you keep on doing the same old thing in clockwork precision relentlessly. 29 days in a month you don’t even care to observe your actions, but suddenly one fine day you check on that action and wonder why you are doing it? It is this catching up on the whys that we are looking into. You feel disgruntled and overwhelmed by the monotony of your own actions. You feel lazy and lethargic that one irritating day. Now if you look at it, you will be happy there is Sabbath or the day of rest or tools down day. Even God took a rest and did some sight seeing or some other interesting activity. You too are allowed to take off one day. Give yourself that lazy extra hour or nothing in the mind time to yourself. It rejuvenates you once again to do your mundane or arcane stuff! So when you feel lazy once in a while don’t bother, just give yourself that special time. You deserve it. A disclaimer: this is not for those slobs who feel that they need more rest and less work. 😉

Photo Credit: pixabay