KrsnaKnows is a website dedicated to the true knowledge about the Divine. You can call the Divine as God, Father, Brahman, Self or That.Here you will get the right teachings for treading the path of knowledge to reach there. We talk about that God which dwells in every being and drives this entire creation who is also the One called the Unmanifest. Herein you will get answers which will correspond with teachings from every spiritual text that points towards this divine.We will expound on as many texts as we can and help you understand the Truth.

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Canto 03 : Ch26 till T49 – Srimad Bhagavatam
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Venom And Love
If someone spews venom at you continuously know that you are constantly in the mind of that person. The way
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People Who Irk You!
The people who irk you just by appearing in front of you are many. Why would they make you so
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Commonest Issues!
Some of the commonest issues we face in our lives are the toughest to deal with. On the face of
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conditioned mind
Conditioned Mind
We have conditioned our mind to such a level that if you are called out by another name you will
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The Apple
The small girl picked up the apple and bit into it. While playing and toying with the things around the
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Satsang is a Congregation of people who have come together to hear the ‘WORD’ or the ‘TRUTH’. Satsang also means being in the company of holy and singing of the praises of the Lord. The Master imparts spiritual knowledge through his teachings to the seekers of the Truth.


The Bhagavad Gita Satsang by the Master is the culmination or the essence of the Spiritual Truth.

Shri Krsna imparted the essence of this Truth to Arjuna in the battle field of Kruskshetra. These spiritual Truths are dynamic in nature and change with the movement of Time.

The expositions of Bhagavad Gita adapt themselves to the any current circumstances and situations in life which only application in life will lead you to Spiritual Truth.

Collection of our daily Guru Charitra Satsang Audio by the Master.


Collection of our daily Shri Sai SatCharita Satsang Audio by the Master.

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