KrsnaKnows is a website dedicated to the true knowledge about the Divine. You can call the Divine as God, Father, Brahman, Self or That.Here you will get the right teachings for treading the path of knowledge to reach there. We talk about that God which dwells in every being and drives this entire creation who is also the One called the Unmanifest. Herein you will get answers which will correspond with teachings from every spiritual text that points towards this divine.We will expound on as many texts as we can and help you understand the Truth.

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The Blame Game
We all love playing the blame game. How many of us actually take responsibility about our own issues and stop
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Little Red Riding Hood
Have you forgotten your primary school fairytale called, “Little Red Riding Hood?” Charles Perrault wrote that where the wicked wolf
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No Man Can be Trusted
No Man Can Be Trusted
No man can be trusted at all. Only God is trustworthy. A man’s trust turns to rust as soon as
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Love To Deride And Degrade!
You love to deride and degrade yourselves. You give yourselves all sorts of reasons and you start believing that you
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An Old Monk
There once lived an old monk. He returned back to the city from where he had left forty years ago
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Canto 03 : Ch32 T12 Onwards – Srimad Bhagavatam
Chapter 32 : Entanglement in Fruitive Activities
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Satsang is a Congregation of people who have come together to hear the ‘WORD’ or the ‘TRUTH’. Satsang also means being in the company of holy and singing of the praises of the Lord. The Master imparts spiritual knowledge through his teachings to the seekers of the Truth.


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