Suspicion After Truce!

suspicionThere is too much suspicion after truce also. You have just had a terrible fight with someone and have patched up. Now any words that are exchanged by either parties is viewed with suspicion.
One of them is genuinely saying that they need to work with them sincerely, the grieved party will harbor too much of guilt or suspicion.
This happens at war and truce later, both the warring nations look at each other suspiciously. There is no trust remaining between them.
This is the cry wolf syndrome. How can they establish trust and faith between each other then?
This was explained in Ramayana very beautifully. Dashrath genuinely wanted his son Shri Ram to take over the reins from him but Kaikaiye reminds him of the boon that he had granted her. So she asks the throne for her son Bharata and exile for Shri Ram. This happens because of Manthara, the maid servant of Kaikaiye, who poisons the mind and tells her to ask for the boons.
The term Manthara also means suspicion or guilt or trouble to the mind. Man means mind and asthira means unsteady. Together combined means doubtful mind. That is the iota of doubt that still remains or is retained in our minds.
The faint glimmer of suspicion is enough to have doubts raised in anyone. Any act of goodwill is also going to be addressed with doubts.
For the godliness to flow in you, first you must have a pure mind. This can be achieved by constant practice. Even if the other party is suspicious, do not hesitate to continue to do good. Be your good self and show respect for others. Remove any kind of suspicion that lurks in your mind.
You be good to yourself. Let the others think what they wish to. You don’t get swayed by what they think. The world thinks always wrongly so why are you trying to change the world? You change yourself. Be good!

Image Courtesy by pixabay