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Are you here with these questions in mind ?

  • What is the meaning of life ?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Is there a point to being alive?
  • Why is this universe so cruel?
  • Why me?!Why does it feel like God abandoned me when I need him the most?
  • Where is God when I need him?
  • Who am I?
  • What is destiny?
  • Where is destiny leading me to?
  • Why does he for everybody and not me?
  • What is religion?
  • I don’t want to follow my religion?
  • Is there an unconditional love?
  • What is unconditional love?

Answers to all your questions through simple upadesh or teachings as daily posts & blogs with simple readable day to day life examples for the current Yuga (Kaliyuga) & short stories relating to events happening around you and in your life.

Some of the interesting topics would include (in the future)

  • Spirituality & Religion
  • Science & Spirituality
  • Spirituality – The Way of Life
  • What is Self Realization ?
  • Spirituality & Near Death Experience
  • Mind Body & Spirit – What are they & What is the relation ?
  • Are Philosophers Spiritual – Knowingly or Unknowingly ?
  • What is Esoteric Knowledge?
  • What is The Great Arcanum ?
  • What is Universal Truth ?
  • Truth in Scriptures from Different Religion
  • Mystical Experiences Vs Spiritual Experiences
  • What does “Yoga” really mean ?
  • Three D’s (3D’s) – Detachment , Discrimination & Dispassion
  • What does Consciousness or Divine or Self mean ?
  • Waking , Dream & Sleep states Vs Turiya / Samadhi
  • Incarnation. Avatar, Prophets, messengers – What does these terms mean?
  • Disciple Vs Devotee
  • Manifest , Unmanifest & Second Unmanifest
  • Supreme Divine Person & His Abode
  • Spiritual Essence of Mahabharata
  • Spiritual Essence of Ramayana
  • Spiritual Essence of TripuraRahasyam
  • What does Nag Hammadi Scripture Say ?
  • What is Tree of Life ? How does different scripture have a mention about it ?
  • What are the various stages of Life ?
  • Gurus/Masters of Kaliyuga & their Mandate
  • Bhakti Marga for Kaliyuga
  • What is Revelation & Is there a Judgement day ?

God bless you to find your answers here with the topics which is picked @ Random every time you visit or refresh the page .

  • Look The Furtherest. You can look at the furtherest fringes of this universe, create babies from different components like a production assembly, make the fastest computers, create newer elements, program a human mind and every other conceivable thing in this world. But still you cannot give life to beings, create universes or reach ... Read more
  • Seek the Eternal Why does it feel good when you put in so much effort and got good results from what you did and still at the end of it you haven’t reached your objective? So after working for many years, you still feel dissatisfied after saying you are happy doing your job? ... Read more
  • The Life Of Pious Person The pious are only immersed in God all day long. They may or may not get involved in their day to day mundane life. Some may take up charity or service to mankind and there may be others who may sit at one place without moving or doing any so ... Read more
  • The Maths Of Giving The maths of giving. When you give ten, you will get hundred. So the ratio is one is to ten. Now you sow ten kilo of grains, you reap hundred kilos. You offer ten percent to God, which is ten kilos, you get hundred. But next time you offer 15, you ... Read more
  • Freedom & Bondage In Love Love which keeps you bound is the type between parents and children, husband and wife, two friends or lovers. Love comes under strain when the child becomes an adult and seeks a spouse, when the wife or husband wants to follow their own calling, when another new friend enters the ... Read more