The Blame Game

We all love playing the blame game. How many of us actually take responsibility about our own issues and stop blaming the other? Hardly anyone with the right sense will do that, you say?
When the bottle breaks, you ask the wife why she couldn’t keep it in the middle of the table safely instead of keeping it near your hand? When the car refuses to start, you love to blame her for messing up with it the last time she took it out. You say that the car should never be given to those who cannot use it properly.
The child gets less marks at school and it’s the other parents fault all because he was too busy at work and had no time to make the child study!
When she gets pregnant, it’s her fault for not stopping you or counting days, but it is never about you wearing a condom? When the expense books are not tallying at the end of the month, it’s all because your mother had come to stay and she wastes so much food and has no regards for money being spent!
Sometimes the silliest excuses are funnier than Jeff Dunham. The car is slipping because you don’t know how to drive and not because there is ice on the road? Your precious pant tore because she put it for tough wash and not because of its worn out? These are human excuses which we always use but what about the divine?
God hates me so He couldn’t give me a better raise in the salary. He is partial to your colleague since she got a better raise. Maybe she sleeps with the boss? God is angry on the entire nation, so He has sent the drought in the valley. So what about the human misuse of groundwater in the last few years? God gives every other person except you. So the divine too is not spared in the blame game.
Sillier than these are reasons which are in fathomable. Your church and God is coming inbetween us. You spend so much time reading the Holy books that you neglect me. Your Sunday school activities are taking up your entire time. Is it important to work with those lepers or people from the ghettos or shanties? Why can you not take care of your own spouse and children first, instead of all these others? I believe charity begins at home but your home is in the NGOS that you work for!
You don’t even know what I do over there, since you are so much lost in your club and games. You just know to earn money, eat, drink and have sex. What do you know about groceries or cooking? You don’t have any idea how I run the kitchen and crèche activities of our baby. You have no regards for someone who is a stay home person. Do you think I just sit and relax and watch soaps all day long?

These are some arguments which are a part and parcel of every household and no one can ever get out of it. No one is willing to budge an inch and give way. Everyone wants to have their own say. So where do you think you are heading? Nowhere I guess. But of course, the path is slippery and you are going downhill.
Stop that fall now. Become tolerant and compassionate towards the other. Empathize with your partner and you will become more understanding. Love is the essential ingredient that is missing so give lots of it. Show respect for others and don’t go about deriding them.
These words are not for just reading but following up on them which will make you a much better human being. Take responsibility about all the issues and consider that you have to rectify the whole situation even if you are not in the wrong. What is the worst that can happen to you? Death or loss of face. Why bother about both. Any which way we all have to die one day so why not then? What face do we have anyway? We come with false beliefs and knowledge. So care two hoots about prestige or name and fame since they are perishable items.
Go after the permanent bliss. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility and do what needs to be done. What has to be will be. Only God is the One who knows everything and everything happens as per His will alone so stop blaming yourself or anyone else. Leave it to Him. And you just do your job perfectly.

blame game

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