A Divine Purpose

Do I have a divine purpose? Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of this life?
Some people are only born to provide the sperm for the next generation. Their job is only that much. They can then be destroyed or can die. This statement may sound harsh but it’s the truth.
Some creatures are only serving the purpose of propagation. Once their job is done, the nature destroys them automatically. Just like the fishes who spawn in the land and once hatched, they struggle to reach water. Some die while carrying on their feat of survival, some become food for the others and some actually make it. First to go downstream and then reverse the process to travel upstream to spawn the next generation. While doing so loose their lives.
The butterfly which is such a beautiful looking creature, flits from flower to flower sucking the sweet tasting stuff inside. She believes she looks extremely beautiful and colored. Preening herself she daintily goes from one flower to another, proud of herself. Little realizing that what she is doing is leading to cross pollination and fertilization. She is being used by the divine to propagate further the flowers, fruits and finally the seeds for furthering the plants. So that there is vegetation and shelter for birds. The butterfly had no idea she has served such a big purpose.
If the butterfly is ignorant of her purpose, then she will only be proud of her body. If she knows that because of her there is lush vegetation, her ego will stand in the way.
Similarly, man thinks no end of himself and so does the woman. They both don’t know that they are serving a greater purpose in life. They both think no end of themselves. The man believes he is the provider and the one who takes care of the world outside. He seeks power and name.
The woman believes she is like the butterfly, young and beautiful. Her purpose is to look good, eat well, roam, flit from place to place, wear wonderful clothes, get pregnant and have kids. She believes she needs to be acknowledged. She thinks of herself as Mother Earth. Provider for her family and child.
Both the people think that they are the ones who have given the next generation something valuable. Their son turns out to be the future leader. The couple thinks no end of themselves and their ego has reached stratosphere.
God, meanwhile is laughing at their folly. Not realizing that they are just pawns in His hands. They are being used by Him for His grand plan. He wants the universe to move ahead so He planted the seed in that man. It’s is all His play. No one can fathom it.
So in spiritual, I instruct you to just serve His purpose with your highest inputs. No mediocre performance. You are the best tool so deliver perfectly. This will make you understand the purpose of giving you that body. It is just a tool for you to serve His purpose alone. There is the inherent nature which is embedded inside that body for a particular purpose.
Just like pollination was the inherent purpose for giving that butterfly it’s beautiful body. So also you too have a divine purpose which you should understand. Sometimes you have been given body which is full of tamas and sometimes a hyper active body. Your only use may be just one tiny sperm. Who knows? So don’t be overly proud of it. You are just a tool and so stay that way, don’t you jump so much in self admiration.
Knowing the purpose of this life is the real thing. You should know your swadharma or real calling. Why are you here? Who are you really? What is Gods grand purpose for me? Can you give the best performance by practice? Can there be someone to show me all that? Do I have a Guru who can take me towards my goal? Come, please show me the path! Remove the veil of darkness of ignorance, dear Guru.


A Divine Purpose
A Divine Purpose

Image Courtesy by Gods Divine Purpose