A Donkey Or A Monkey!

Have you called someone a donkey or a monkey in your life? I am sure you have called others by names of certain animals or birds too. Does it tell you something?
When we say that you are behaving like a monkey meaning that he is jumping up and down and cannot remain steady. Similarly we have called some people as snake, which translates into them being poisonous or venomous in nature. These people always spew poison. Then there are those who are always irritable and nasty, having a scowl on the face constantly, never in a proper smiling manner would they ever talk to you. What would you call such type of folks? Animals of different kind of course. A vicious cat which hisses at you. A jackal or a fox would signify a sneaky creature.
A slippery person is like an eel. A sleepy and lazy person would be a sloth bear. Another type would be hungry and voracious like the polar bear who hasn’t eaten for half a year. We say something sounds fishy when people are sneaky. Sometimes you have noticed humans who resemble a cow chewing food or a gorilla hanging or scratching too. Some hoot like an owl or hang upside down like bats.
Are you not identifying the true characteristics of that person? Would you be interested in watching a big bearded person like a grizzly bear? There are those back stabbing persons also. Or ones who prey on dead stuff like vultures. Cuddly types too. Some with whiskers and others just bald too. Some rolling in mud and some wallowing in grief. We identify these people from pigs to alligators, macaws to cuckoos too. Singers and able voiced ones are more identifiable in the aves category.
These are the inherent characteristics of those individuals and they fit the bill perfectly. Do you even doubt them not having a gene or DNA of these said creatures? If we talk of evolution then there are creatures who haven’t evolved too. Like dead as a dodo or extinct as a Dino. Some are mythical creatures like the unicorn too.
Spiritual beings will tell you that these people might have come from previous births with these inherent tendencies. We call them vasanas. Some tendencies are carried forward in this life and brought forward into the next, whereas some are acquired in this life too. Like habitual liars who just cannot help themselves. Or sexually motivated ones like the dog. Yes, we do have very loyal creatures in a dog too.
Sometimes these tendencies go ahead in the next life and create your next birth too. You may remember the story of the frog and the snake from Saibaba’s chronicles called Sai Satcharitra. Or the dog who was very loyal to the master and never left him. Talks of some kind of human friendship in past life.
God has given us chance to rectify these tendencies in our current birth. You meet your Guru who can destroy these tendencies or hide them at least. But you have to put in hard efforts in getting rid of your obnoxious vasanas.
So why not get rid of that anger or become more loving and kind in this life? You need not carry forward the dangerous ones.
This life is a God given opportunity to become human and good. Be your good self. Stop procrastinating, lying, scratching or shouting. Give up all your bad or animal tendencies and be happy that you have been given a chance now to redeem. The more you employ these useless tendencies you can never get out of your animal nature. Be your good self and rid yourself of that destructive tendencies now.

Image Courtesy by pixabay