A Hundred Sins Before Cutoff!

A hundred sins is allowed before the life line is cut off! I was asked what is so special about that? Why are people allowed to go on with the wrong doings for such a long time? Can it not be nipped in the bud right at the beginning? Why do you allow someone to bulldoze you and call out names?
I shall tell you some stories here to help you understand that.
First is about Valyakoli who stopped every man in the forest and looted and then killed him. One day he stopped Naradmuni. The sage told him that he is nearing the hundred sins mark and he still had a chance of redemption. Valyakoli took that chance after understanding the truth that no one will willingly accept your sins even if they are your wife and children, even when you are killing for subsisting them! He became Valmiki the great sage before his hundred was reached.
Krsna had given His word to Srutadevi, his aunt that He would allow a hundred misdemeanors before He would kill her son Shishupal. At the rajyasuya yagnya of Yudhisthir, Krsna beheads Shishupal for calling Him cowherd, etc (where he reached the said target)and insulting Him!
These stories will tell you the compassionate nature of The Lord. He allows a person to correct himself and gives him a fair chance to rectify his faults.
Then it is important to give everyone enough chances before they can be curtailed or destroyed. Also if someone falls from first floor of the building he may not get that hurt but if he were to be pushed from hundred stories, it would make a grand spectacle for one and all! No one would then dare do such heinous acts.
A human being who commits one murder or one robbery is very much fearful but as he keeps on doing more crimes, he emboldens himself with the understanding that the punishment is the same for many more also! They can only hang you once for one murder or for many!
So you can correct someone the first couple of times but as they continue to do the same, you need to give them hundred chances before they can be destroyed.
So allow them to rise the highest before you can destroy them!

Photo Credit: Pixabay