A Photo With Your Idol!

Everyone clamors to have a photo taken with their idol. Be it a film star, a cricketer or even a politician. We all love to shoot pictures with these famous or notorious people. It goes in our books as our memories.
Facebook and other social media is filled with such stuff and these folks feel proud and mighty in the shadow of these great phenomenons! But if you were to ask yourself whether these wretched famous or infamous people know or remember you? The answer is obvious to one and all. No one does! You are just one amongst their mad and crazy fans who had wanted their piece of limelight to be shared. So they have obliged you with a pose. They are in a way obliged to their fans for being there. It is a public display of attention which they too succumb to.
So what is the need for us to feel so mighty pleased with the photograph or a memento? A man goes to such lengths to gather pieces of clothing or jewelry, signatures or photographs, memorabilia or junk from such famous people. Artists have gone to the extent of auctioning their undergarments or special dresses worn during shoots. There are crazy people who are collectors of such trash from these famous people. There are restaurants with guitars or posters autographed kept for public display. These draw business for the owners.
But think about yourself! What do you get by collecting such junk or photographs? Are you gathering it to sell to another trash collector and make some profits? Then do it. But otherwise what is the use of such crazy things?
Yes! I agree you may show it to your children or grandchildren and feel mighty pleased. The memories is what you have collected. But what happens after you depart or the star wanes? It becomes junk.
Aspire to become a great one yourself and fulfill your dreams but sharing someone else’s dream and the dreamer hardly knowing you is worthless.
Know your own worth and be your good self. Run after your dreams and fulfill them. Don’t enjoy being in someone else’s shadow. Be your own master of your destiny.