A Sparrow Couple

There was once a sparrow couple, who was very devoted to their children.
Everyday they would go out seeking grain for their entire family. Later they would eat some and leave out some for drying in the sun, which they could partake later.
One day the crow found these grains which the sparrows has left out to dry. He swooped down and started to eat them heartily. Later in the day, when the sparrow couple returned, they found the grains gone. They assumed that their children had eaten them.
So they worked harder to gather more grains. Everyday they found that the entire grains were disappearing. Maybe their children had more appetite, they thought!
One fine day they found the grains has disappeared and the crow had shat over there. They immediately understood that there was the worthless crow who ate into their hard labor. They were furious. But now they had to do something about this robber.
They went to meet the wisest of the sparrows. He whispered a devious scheme to them.
They came back and again started to accumulate more grains. Along with that they started to mix some exotic grains too. Soon, the crow got used to different kinds of husks and grains.
The next day he started to have loose motions. He thought it was the weather. But the trend continued. He finally realized that the stuff that he was robbing and eating was causing it. He stopped going there altogether.
The sparrows thanked their good luck. Then they threw all the psyllium husk away.
In our lives too, we get such pesky guests or people coming to us like the crow. Use ingenuity to checkmate them.