A Typical Morning!

A typical morning in the life of a private company employee!
I got up in the morning. My bed needs fixing up. The spring is gone. The covers needs to go for a wash. The fan has been making noise from the time I bought it 6 years ago. Now there is no warranty on that. Next I put my slippers which are worn out. Need to replace them. Next I go to the bathroom for brushing my teeth. The brush needs to go and the toothpaste is in it’s last squeeze. So I should buy that too. The water is coming in a trickle. Maybe the pipe is clogged. The drain water moves slowly. The tap works only in a particular way. I need to tap the tap on its head. Then some water comes. It’s not flowing at all. Maybe I have to keep on doing that ten times when the water will flow in one stream. Need to get the pipes checked.
Now the water doesn’t go in the drains properly. Should get the drain cleaner to remove the blockage. Once I finish that I check my napkin. It has not been washed in the last ten days. Should wash and that reminds me to get washing soap and powder. I step out of the bathroom and wham! My life is a mess.

Is there anything that doesn’t need looking into right from the moment I got up. Now let me start the blame game.
The bed has torn since my nephews came and played on top of it. The bed sheets need to be washed since the maid hasn’t come last week for two days. There is a backlog. And anyway the water wasn’t there for the last three days. Today it has come in a trickle, didn’t I tell you that? So the clothes washing goes to next week, when we have water and maid too. Sorry, I missed the washing powder part. I have to go to the grocery store to get that first. But how to go there? I haven’t cleared last months bill there! That reminds me to take back the five hundred I loaned my friend last month. That guy always gets away with murder. I should confront him and demand for my money. This month I cannot plan any extra expenses since they are deducting my income tax advance. This government is a pain in the ass. Why do they want my money? I am a poor man. See?
I don’t know where to get a plumber. These guys rip you off. They are like predators. Anyway I will make do with that tap for today. Next month maybe I will look into it. I can hammer the toothpaste and get more paste out of it. I will use my kerchief to dry my face. Anyway, why have they made a kerchief for? I should make the best use of it. I can go on for as much as you want me to. Blaming every other thing or person in the whole wide world, except my own self.
Just think if I could do my stuff in time nothing would trouble me. My napkin would be washed. My tap would work. My plumbing would drain faster. The water would be sufficient in the storage drum. My bed would be perfect and my covers would be smelling of perfume. My slippers would be just right. Even the fan would whirr silently.
Now if you ask me why do I blame everyone else except me? The answer is simple. I don’t have to shout at myself. I don’t feel responsible at all. I am not concerned with the working of this world.
But I know I am failing. If only I could do stuff in time I wouldn’t have to suffer so much. That means I don’t have to crib and blame God for putting me in so much trouble. I bring on my troubles myself. I gotta be careful how I spend my time effectively. It does teach you a lesson too. Right?
Now that you have read this and identified your own self in my place. You believe you will take it seriously and change. But will you? That’s never going to happen. You will live like a pig and wallow in your own shitty reasons.
It’s nice to eat shit and wallow in it. After all you are not human but a pig alone!

Image Courtesy by      pixabay