A Young Athlete

athleteThere was a young athlete who tried very hard to win the race. Every time he neared the winning breast tape, he faltered and dropped speed. He lost out easily.
One day he met an old Olympian and asked him how he could improve his performance?
The Olympian told him a simple technique. He told him to tie a kerchief on his eyes and just run on the starting gun. Keep on running, focussing only on running alone. That way he would be at peak speed when touching the end point. Practicing that way the athlete overcomes his problem and starts to win the races!
The story teaches us about not focussing on end goals but going beyond them. If you run with your eyes open you will know when you are nearing the end point which will slow you down or start reducing your speed. When your eyes are closed you won’t know where the touchdown is so you will cross it unknowingly at your peak speed.
In life too, don’t just focus on achieving your ends but think of going beyond them. Then you will do well in your current assignment and move on to the next one with ease.

Image Courtesy by pixabay