About Climate Change

About climate changeWhy are so many people bothered and upset about climate change? Aren’t you responsible for the climate, God?

No way! I am not responsible for it. You all are responsible for it.

Why should we be responsible for something which we cannot even control? Climate is not in our hands then how can we control it?

Surely you can. What are the scientists telling you all the time? Greenhouse gases, hole in the sky, hotter climes, melting ice and floods and droughts.

Those are natural calamities and they are your domain, not ours!

Easily said, my dear fellow. You are staying as guests on my planet Earth. Aren’t you’ll responsible for taking care of it? If you want to continue staying over here then you better take care of the premises.

But we own properties and lands on earth, so how can we be tenants?

Even if you own properties, isn’t it your primary duty to take proper care of it? Do you think I am your caretaker?

Yes, you are. You take care of all of us and we are thoroughly indebted to you.

That’s a nice way to put it. See, it is important to take care of what we use otherwise what legacy will you leave behind for your next generations?

That’s right. Everywhere they are banning plastics and burning stuff which releases harmful gases. We have changed over to using lesser harmful stuff in our daily lives like the freon gas, etc..

Recycling the stuff that can be recycled will help in saving costly resources. Why do you’ll use so much paper and packaging? Can you not use less?

Those are legacy and habits passed down for generations and we are so much attuned to it that today it’s difficult to break out of it.

Moderation is the best policy. You will have to cut down on your consumption of resources and practice austerity. There are more mouths to feed you know.

Yes, I guess that’s why these people want to go to the Moon or Mars to colonize them.

But they don’t have such conducive atmosphere as Earth so you’ll should take better care of Earth first.

But you too need to help us God.

Surely, I will instruct all the demigods to work with you’ll as much as they can. Let me address the ocean, rain and other gods now.

Photo Credit: Pixabay