Abusive Relationship

Abusive Relationship And Freedom!

Abusive RelationshipToday I am going to talk about how we live to accept mediocrity in our lives. Recently there was a marriage where the boy comes from the city and is well off and whereas the girl came from the rural background and not so well todo. The general refrain in the ceremony was- “poor girl”! This happened because everyone sympathized with the girl after the family announced that the couple would go for honeymoon that night! For them it was like the sacrificial lamb was going for slaughter.

Now I ask you, isn’t that being judgmental? Why is everyone assuming the innocence and weakness of that girl? Let us not judge someone just because they come from a village. Maybe she has better understanding about these issues than the bridegroom. What makes a person think that they are more knowing than the other.

For a moment let us assume that the case of the innocent bride is true. Then what would happen in that marriage? Initially she would be hurt and bruised in the relationship and later on she would accept this as it is and finally learn to enjoy it too. Don’t we enjoy the torture just like the innocent bride after getting accustomed to it. We live a lie. Since we have no choice in a binding relationship we accept the inevitable and learn to enjoy the torture. Finally our mind has blanked out the troubles and tribulations of the life by practice. We get used to it and settle down to it by accepting that as destiny.

Again no one will be willing to accept the pain or discomfort if someone points it out to them. Take the case of a mother who knows what her daughter is going through in her married life and her daughter denies it all the time. After a long time the couple has blanked the truth and accepted the lie as the truth.
The trouble starts when either of them gets into a newer relationship. Then everything that they seemed to enjoy becomes a nightmare. The act put on for their spouses benefit becomes torturous. There is a revolt and the bond breaks.

Now isn’t that what we have gone through in our personal life also? We are born and married to this body at birth. We believe we are in a great relationship with it. We enjoy all the troubles and accept it as a part of our marriage. The body throws its tantrums and shows us miseries but we have got so much accustomed to it that we begin enjoying this as a pleasurable part of living. We roll in the miserable life of ours like a sow.

It’s bondage that we love. We don’t feel like getting out of that gilded cage.
Suddenly a new love comes into our life. It shows freedom and emancipation. We meet this free soul called guru. He shows how you are bound in your life and with your wife called the body. Then we start seeing how constraining and overwhelming our life had become in marriage. We need the release. Spiritual training takes us out of this confining relationship.

So isn’t it high time you too understood how abusive this relationship with your body has been? Get out of it to learn the truth about freedom. Freedom to be your true Self!

Photo Credit: Pixabay