Achievements And Afterwards

Achievements And AfterwardsDo you remember your achievements and afterwards? How many of us actually remember the person who took his selfie from top of the tallest building or the most dangerous place? How many remember who fought in which war or died trying to save someone? Hardly anyone, except for a few relatives and friends might remember that individual. Then why does a person do extreme acts or stupid acts? Does he think anyone would remember them?
Man loves to believe that any kind of daring acts of valorous kind would make them eternal in the memories of mankind. But that is wrong thinking. How many can actually identify people from the plaques put up in memorial? Maybe one person may come up and point his own father name who might have died a martyr.
I was recently passing close to a high court and saw a marble statue pulled down and thrown in a heap. She was the old dowager who ruled over the land but today the newer regime hates her. No one cares for her statue anymore and it is fit for demolition.
When the newer rulers come they destroy the old since it doesn’t go with the scheme of their beliefs. When you visit Cambodia or any other Asian countries which were earlier ruled by Hindu rulers and later by Buddhists, you will find all the heads of Hindu gods have been cut off and replaced by Buddhist heads or symbols.
So what is the big deal when someone wants a plaque put up or monuments built for their achievements? The great walls get pulled down. The statues or pillars get destroyed. The temples get replaced by newer structures supporting the next religion. Still man runs after name and fame. Knowing fully well that nothing lasts forever.
Climbing mountains, going to the depth of the oceans, going to outermost rims of space, racing in games, becoming leaders or running after some vague achievements doesn’t give one immortality or popularity forever.
Everyone who climbs up has to come down. Look at yesteryears sports stars who are nobodies today but pretend to be someone. They create hype and use social media to be in the eye of public even after they have become has-beens! Look at all the great stars, film actors, politicians, sports people, Olympians and many more who are not given a damn today. There might be just some news item talking about their struggles today or past achievements. A case in point is the racing champion Michael Schumacher or sports personas like O J Simpson. You may wonder where are the stars from yesteryears disappeared, the likes of Carl Lewis, Gary Sobers, Boris Becker, etc..
After reading this you must have wondered why would a man run after somethings which are so temporary in nature? Why does man crave to put himself into some glorious place only to be pulled down immediately thereafter? Why does man run after these silly stupid whims of his? Even the dead are forgotten in a few days and life carries on like before. No one really cares for you.
What is the use of trying to project himself as someone when no one really cares? So what should a person actually do then?
It is better to find out who you truly are instead of trying to project whom you are only for a moment. Don’t try to become someone whom you aren’t. Try to be who you truly are. Search deep within yourself to know whom you represent.
Are you that great star or athlete or a politician whom no one will know in a few years? What use is that game which will get you ignominy soon enough? Is temporary glory your goal or is permanent happiness?
You are the spiritually perfect person who is a portion of the portion of God. You are that Gods child. You have the kingdom of God within. Go dive deep inside of you to know the truth about yourself. You are that child of God who has failed to know himself.
Once you come to that perfect knowledge about your own self, do you think anyone can take it away from you? No one can take away your knowledge and understanding of where you come from and who you are. Once you know, you get fulfilled and there is nothing more out there to know. Be happy forever. Know thyself for you are the greatest, highest and foremost. You are that son or daughter of the eternal God.

Image Credit: Pixabay