Adiyaen-U define Me!

Adiyaen-U define Me!

To my Dearest Adiyaen,

I am extremely touched by your acceptance,not knowing what it meant,Adiyaen-humble Disciple!As Shri Ramanujacharya was to His Supreme Guru! I have known from the start that a teacher is not a teacher till she has a student facing her. It is always the student which defines the teacher and black defines white, so also evil defines good. God would not be God if there was no devil to define Him.

That clearly shows if there is no contrast then the object cannot be seen at all. Without a shadow we can never know that there is light or an object. Without maya we can never understand God, without the MIND we cannot understand God!

What is MIND?M-I-N-D!

M means Maya– that which deludes us at all times.Making us think that the shadow has an independent existence and is there only because of itself.

I means I or Ego– that which makes us think that I am the doer and not someone else.You think that you got the job or education because of I ,me and myself!!!I make money,I am an husband,I earn,I give to my family food clothing shelter,education.. and so on!!

N stands for Negation or Neti-neti which means not this and not this…we do that with our mind.We negate everything with mind.But the Vedas define that as the right method,remember?

D stands for Deception which our mind always does to us. We can never see the truth since we use the mind and it takes over us.ONLY when the mind rules and not when you rule the mind!

Here I shall tell you a story of a monk who wanted to meet Buddha so he travelled a very long way to meet Him. It was nightfall and he was very thirsty so he prayed to Buddha for water and rest.

He was tired and at one place he stumbled and fell and his hand touched something.
It glistened in the moonlight as a silver goblet filled with cool thirst quenching water so he readily drank it and fell in a deep sleep.The next day he woke up and saw the silver goblet and the water he drank…..

It was a skull of a dead human with brain fluid and worms swimming in it. He puked!!!
He was then suddenly filled with light of enlightenment…… He knew then that what was water in the night was yucky stuff in day…that which makes us think like that is our MIND!!!
Go beyond it and then the truth will shine.

So when we overcome the silly MIND using the same MIND to overcome by itself, we will know the how and why and all other answers.

Maya is important to go to Him, so make her your friend and use her to get to Him.
So the other is as important as that object. Never discount anything in life.All have their own equal importance. The small cog holds the wheel remember, so give it the due credit.

So Adiyaen,I give you my LOVE and RESPECT for making me who I am and defining me!
Thank You for being yourself and giving me the credibility by sitting in front of me!

Image Credit: Krsna Teachings