Aging In Middle Class

What happens when you age in a middle class family? You are always responding to and responsible for someone or the other in your aging process.
It’s either the kids or grandchildren or gardens. If you look at a typical grandparent, they would be dropping and picking up grand kids from school and back. Pottering around the garden at other times or playing lotto or mahjong or poker!
You really wonder what are they doing at this age. Considering their age they should have hung their boots and relaxed but what are they going to achieve? Watching useless episodes on the television which have no value except entertainment. Going to the place of worship or taking part in some religious activities. Once a year going on some annual tour.
Visiting some holy places or visiting children if they stay far away.
If not, being around all the people in the main hall reading, writing, staring blankly or going for therapy at the old age home.
Once in a month collecting their pensions and getting the stock of insurance medical tests and medicines.
Arranging or rearranging the house, garage or the tool room. Mowing lawns or painting the fence over and over again.
With absolutely rigid eating and drinking habits, they are absolutely set in their life. Maybe watching the races or matches, betting vigorously or just backing a team in a diehard way.
Ask them what is it they have achieved in their life and they can regale you for many hours with supporting stories.
But actually their life is a big hollow. Having no idea what is it they had ever wanted in life. Going completely off the track, they are more confused than focused.
Having wasted part of their precious lives they are hoping that someday they will know where they actually wanted to go. But alas the time is gone and no one to guide them. They have become too unbending in life to listen to anyone or understand anything.
These old people are confused beyond doubt. But they won’t agree. Someday they will have to face the turbulent end. But till then they will have to wait. Wait for death, completely dissatisfied.
So then what are they supposed to do to have a fulfilled life and worth every breath they live? Do you know? Sure, you will cross once you come to the river, you say? But you do have to arrive there so tell me!

Image Courtesy by pixabay