An Old Monk

There once lived an old monk.
He returned back to the city from where he had left forty years ago to take up sanyasa. He went back to the same lane where he had played as a child. He saw the old mango tree still there.
It was early summer and the tree was laden with fruits. He wandered around the lane and saw many children go to school early in the morning. Later he saw young men and women leave for work.
Late in the evening, he saw a few children walking up the street to go to some friends place. He thought maybe they were going to do some studies together. The men and the women also returned from work. Some left again taking their vehicles out.
In the entire day no one noticed the fruit laden tree at all. He sat there till late in the evening. No one came to pluck any fruit, neither did they pick up some fallen ones. Everyone was oblivious to it.
He remembered in his times there would be some many children and elders after the fruits of the same tree. He wondered what had changed?
So he called one young boy walking back home. He was reluctant to come near but seeing the monks peaceful demeanor he approached.
The monk asked him why no one was interested in the fruit of this mango tree. He was amazed to hear the response.
The child said, ” Our parents have warned us not to climb trees or eat fruits from such trees since they might have germs or some insects. We have to buy fruits from the supermarket or the net which comes in hygienically packed boxes. We should wash them in a disinfectant and eat with spoon, fork and knives only……..”
The monk was shocked beyond belief at this new knowledge. Children don’t play outside except at the clubs or exercise in gyms. They study on their computers and not together. They never throw stones at fruits or eat directly from trees. They buy fruits and other stuff which comes hygienically packed……
Moral of the story: Knowledge is hanging from the tree, yet there is no one to take it. Everyone wants packaged disinfected knowledge. No one is interested in plucking or making efforts to learn it from the abundant knowledge source called the shastras and the Guru.


Image Courtesy by Google Images