mole-13298_1280God, why are animals getting ill treated the last few weeks?

What animals? I thought that was such a regular issue?

I mean that gorilla getting shot in a US zoo, 20 tiger cubs found in the refrigerator and so on.

Oh those! I know about it. They deserve it.

What wrong have they done to humans, that they deserve that treatment?

Animals are dwindling species and they will only turn into a dodo very soon.

You mean extinct? Can’t we do something for them God?

What do you want to do? Put them in a zoo and experiment with them? The zoo animals are the highest exploited species.

What do you mean? I always thought they got freedom from poachers when they were put in a zoo.

Don’t be silly. You pay thousands to see them, don’t you? Where else would you find forced sex on animals?

That’s true. We all expect these animals to give birth to more of their kind. Also we do various experiments on them.

Don’t you remember buying tigers pee for some silly remedy and putting the claws in a locket.

Yes. I know we do that. In India it is believed one hair from the bear can ward of evil eye and bad dreams so they are plucked and put in a talisman and sold to superstitious people.

How you people torture these poor wild animals!

We have various save the animals groups formed to take care of such issues.

Ha, ha! Of course! Those are for your pet dogs and cats. These same silly folks eat cows, pigs, chicken and other meats!

That’s the worst part, God! They go out and talk so much about saving creatures but are hypocrites in real life.

You know at the rate these animals are getting eaten or killed for all nefarious purposes, there would be no animals left by the end of this century.

We are saving up their DNA so that we can revive them very soon!

You idiot! You think this is Jurassic Park in real life?

But that’s what everyone is doing nowadays. Saving up their own DNA so that they can be born again.

I know all about that. Just imagine the chaos when you may be recreated two hundred year later!

Omg. That’s tough to understand. I really don’t know how that will happen. But what do you say, God? Can that happen?

It’s possible. But the repercussions of such an act are going to be a nightmare for you humans.

I agree, what are we going to do then? Imagine a great grandfather born again and raping his own great granddaughter! Ah!

Now you understand why you have the Vedas? These are the frameworks of my religion. I already wrote out the laws so that you don’t get your grandma’s or great granddaughter’s pregnant.

I shudder to think that way. But let’s get back to the animals now. Why can’t you save them?

I can’t son! The arrow has been shot and it cannot return back into the quiver. These are irrevocable actions of man.

That means I better get my cameras out and shoot them. Tomorrow I can show my future generations what they are missing.

Don’t bother. There will be newer creatures or aliens already on this planet and they will treat humans in the same way they are now treating gorillas and tiger cubs.

That’s scary. I better stop them right now. Let me tweet and put up a Facebook update on it.

Image Credit: Pixabay