Any Addiction Can Kill

AddictionAny kind of addiction can kill oneself and another too.
Many years ago I visited the house of a famous heroine and found her dead drunk. She was going through a very depressive phase of her life. Everyone had ditched her and she had become a recluse and an alcoholic.
Today when I was going through the morning papers, I saw another film heroine who had allegedly hanged herself with over 300ml of alcohol in her viscera. She too was passing through a very troublesome period in her love life.
My close relative would find imported liquor very mild so he would spike it with other intoxicating stuff all because he had nothing to do in his life with tones of money at his disposal.
In another case, after the government nationalizing every single property of theirs had left them paupers, the lady took to the bottle and wasted herself to death.
Now in all the above examples, doesn’t it tell you that drinking in excesses is harmful to anyone. Yet, why doesn’t the knowledge sink inside the people’s minds?
The same goes with every other addiction. Be it smoking, doing drugs, sexual excesses, gaming, gambling or just watching porn.
Even after knowing what it would lead to, man never learns.
Why do these demons never get tamed inside man? Do these demons need the excess gulp of alcohol or is it just purely human nature? Though psychology, psychiatry or plain science has explained addiction in their own way, here I am going to tell you the esoteric reasons. There will be no physical evidence like plain science but what appears in our material world.
The story goes back to Prabhasa. This is the place where the entire family of Sri Krsna got killed by their own hands. The curse of the sages fructified. Everyone goes on binge drinking and pluck the reeds off the river and slash each other to death. Even Krsna’s other amsas or plenary portions resort to this above alcoholism and kill each other in their inebriated state.
The Prabhasa happens to be our own body consciousness. The kith and the kin are our entire organ system and the body parts. The brother or Adhishesha or Balaram is human strength or powers to do absolutely anything in this world. The other members comprises of every other portion of our body which fights with straws with each other. Petty squabbles which turn into a deathly stupor. The struggle to maintain sanity is lost. The greatest evil external demon is this habits called alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, gaming, gambling, etc.. These overtake the body and then they can play havoc within. No god can save a person falling to such excesses.
No Krsna will ever interfere also. He allows the person to succumb to such evil. The whole of Prabhasa turns red in anticipation of death. It’s wasting of ones precious life that happens here. The God within is not heard since His voice is dimmed in the din.
It’s within your own hands to allow this god to win or loose. But the Supreme Divine Consciousness will not react to it. The excesses done to the body by such addiction is irreversible. The ultimate result is death alone.
The fisherman is The Lord Himself who gets hit by the arrow in the little toe. That is the domain of death. The god within looses to such habits and has a slow death. Bleeding away to stupor and oblivion. No one can save the human race from extinction because of this wasting.
You can remember from history the reigns of various kings which finally resulted in such massacres. Right from the time of Darius to Cleopatra, Pachakutty to Ashoka and even in recent times the stories of Napoleon to Hitler, Shah Reza Pehelavi to Bir Bikram Birendra. Everyone finally succumbed to excesses due to their own doings or relatives. Even noblemen could have caused this to end. And it all resulted in destruction. No god can be spared too. Anyone who is born will have to die due to this destructive demonical element. Addiction!
Ananda was to succeed but he too was killed, Krsna died, Jesus too. All these were killed due to addiction by some other beings around. It’s the supreme sacrifice these great Ones did for mankind. Yet mankind can never learn.
So now tell me what use is this excesses to oneself? It destroys all.

Image Courtesy by pixabay