Apologetic Negations!

Apologetic negations! “No, I don’t know.”” I am sorry.” Why does a person always start most of their sentences with these words? Are they programmed to be apologetic in almost everything. Why can they not start the sentence with a positive?
We have always learnt that if you give yourself negations, then everything in this world will be denied for you. So when someone says- I can’t do this! Aren’t they saying that they are incapable of doing something and that they can never attempt the same.
Atheists deny God so come whatever may, how can they ever find God ever? Similarly, the fanatics believe their God is the only true God, so when will they find the God who has created everything including those who believe in devils, other gods or in nothing? When someone has closed all the doors how can they find anything open? That is called loss of faith and hope.
If you deny yourself the power to know yourself, how will you know? You have been given so many facilities and capabilities that nothing is impossible for man. To put it positively, I would say everything is possible.
So every person should give themselves a chance to do something about it. Keep all the doors and windows open and let the knowledge and freedom flow through you.
Whether you are a believer or an atheist, why do you stop yourself from opening the realm of possibilities and successes? Give credit to your positivebirth and work in tandem with the universe to open up newer and newer doors for innovation and wonderment. Creative are those people who seek the impossible to make it possible. So why not work creatively and give yourself the positivity to grow with age and time.
Man hasn’t stopped after inventing the wheel. Neither has universe stopped producing new universes. There are newer species discovered. Newer drugs and inventions. You watch movies on your cellphones and do face chat through simple apps. These things have come about by keeping the mind open and letting the creative juices flow.
So stop giving yourselves negations and depressive scenarios. There is always the ray of sunshine and hope. Keep going and you will find the answers. Don’t close up and let the universe work magic.
The other thing is why are you always apologizing for no rhyme or reason? Stop being sorry for absolutely no reasons. It seems like an apology for an apology. Keep your sorries to yourself and use then only when you desperately need them. So stop being a baby and face life. Stop being negative and sorry.

Image Courtesy by pixabay