Are Questions Answered?

There are questions that were never answered by anyone. The child’s mind is always full of unanswered questions but when they ask around, hardly anyone can give proper answers.
Where do the children come from? Why am I born? Who is God? Where does He live? Where is heaven? If this is Gods world, then why is there so much struggle? If God is everywhere then where did the devil come from? Why does the devil want to become evil? Why are there floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, wars, etc..? Why is God so mean to me? Why doesn’t He give us more money?
As a child these questions trouble us but later we learn to forget them. We know there are no answers. So we let it be. We cannot then answer our own kids also. So they turn disbelievers. Agnostic or even atheist.
So where can we get these answers?
Krsnaknows has been striving hard to answer but no one has asked. Why not ask them?
Krsnaknows will tell you all those with logical explanation and offer some proof too. So ask one at a time. Hope you do!