Are We Evolving Or Devolving?

Evolving Or DevolvingThe universe is made of those species which can survive all the odds. Darwin came up with the theory called, ” theory of evolution”. Only those who could adapt to the changing environment and were strong enough could survive. The weak got eaten, destroyed, became extinct, became a newer species or just disappeared. Take the case of dinosaur or dodo bird. Now we are all so much bothered about saving tiger and so on. We call them endangered species.
Now let us take up the human being. He has changed from Stone Age man to homo sapien. A modern man who lives in huge cities and no longer dwells in caves. Seems to have come a long way and evolved. He is intelligent and smarter than his old cousin. But is he?
Even though man has grown in stature in the chain of evolution, it seems he still is very much an uncouth and rough being. When you see how he works in this world it will prove you that.
There are cases of rape, murder, confinement, terrorism, anarchy, cannibalism, etc. The poor and weak are oppressed. There are nations which are far too advanced and nations that are terribly deficient even in basic necessities. Nations where they drink expensive wines and beer for thirst and others don’t even have clean pure drinking well water! Seems a horrible condition and stark contrasts. Nations ruled by terrorist goons and the other side it’s democracy. Computers and gadgets faster than the eye and the downside is rampant illiteracy. Sauve people wearing an Armani and others who don’t have a stitch on their body.
There are rituals and ceremonies for growth and some for destruction. If Darwin was right then we would be having sophistication and good behavior but here in this world the people are controlled, oppressed, ruled, ordered, smothered and 99.9% of them are made to listen to the 0.01% of them. There are still problems of mankind like deadly diseases, Down syndrome babies, bipolar disorders and cancer. People staying in hovels and very few in fancy homes. Even though this is the age of a woman, yet there are cases of harassment and torture. On one side are coyote bars and the other side there are unlawful confinement cases. Even sexual nature should have changed but it has gone completely awry. Hardly any want to marry and have children. Those who do have threats of divorce or estrangement Helpless cases of children in foster homes. And cases where people adopt for staying in news. The hunger for power and greed for wealth. The utter poverty and inhuman conditions in many places.
Both these makes me wonder if Charles Darwin got it right or are we still devolving? Yes, we have smarter teeth and bones and brains too but do we really? Evolution should take us closer to the universal truth but it is taking us more towards the unreal world. A heavenly world full of concocted fantasy and the downside is hellish reality of materialism and domination. So what is the truth? Still it’s survival of the unfit-test because they are in droves and the fittest are overthrown or brought down because they are few. I feel it’s an ongoing cycle of unfit to fit and back to unfit. Devolution to evolution and back again to devolution! So where are you heading now?

Image Credit: pixabay