Are You Brain Dead?

Are you brain dead? Have you ever asked yourself why God hasn’t distributed brains in equal quantities to all? Some people are born dumb and some are super intelligent and I am sure you count yourself as one. Whichever! Now that’s a joke.
On the question of a joke- one man kept watching his dog chase his tail for ten minutes. Then he thought to himself- some dogs have nothing to do so they run after their own tails! Suddenly he realized that he was a dog too. He spent ten minutes watching the dog, didn’t he?
We are exactly like that. Nothing to do so and yet we love wasting time in frivolities. Take the case of people watching the comedy serials or the daily soaps. Look at the people who spend so much time on reading news right in the mornings. Or the ones who spend their active part of the day on social media. Have you ever wondered what twenty two men or women can do to the entire nation? Hold it at ransom while they play a concocted match? Everything is rigged and fake. Every bout or game if you actually observe it. The last hit is preplanned, every home run too. Every catch or every drop too.
Now then, why watch it or spend your entire life ruing over the loss or gain?
See, in a rich mans game of golf, they get their own ball, iron and a caddie. Whereas in cricket or football, they are so poor that they keep on playing with one old ball shared by so many. A rich mans game is watched by few rich men but a poor mans game is watched by millions. How silly can that be? Life sure is a joke!
Coming back to the idea, why some people have brains and some don’t. Now I think you guessed it. The poor remain poor shouting at one ball, whereas the rich don’t care even if their balls are lost. They put it in a hole to make more money.
God made dumb people so that they could be used for dumb jobs. You can’t have intelligent people doing dumb jobs, correct? So also you can’t have dumb people do intellectual stuff. Someone has to fill in the gap or void left by each. There can be one hero and one heroine and the rest will become part of the scenery. If there are no character artists, props or viewers then who will be the dumb asses? Imagine everyone wanted to make a film and there is no one to watch?
So God was kind enough to distribute brain power in different people in varied quantities. Like they say in the management jargon. God made a perfect ecosystem. Everything is balanced out perfectly. There are birds, animals, trees, water bodies, deserts, mountains and trenches, man and woman, smart and dumb too.
There are exploiters and those who get exploited, slavers and slaves too. Whether it’s the human kind or the bees too. There are kings, queens and workers also. Some people have lesser abilities and some have more.
Everything fits correctly. A man gets a woman or the other way round and we believe the partnership was made in heaven.
Now comes the disconnect. The best of marriages are destroyed. The perfect relationship is soured. Even after man has brains, he still doesn’t use them. Sometimes a man who is gifted genius by God, just wastes it away. He gets into bad habit and destroys that which can make him great.
So ask yourself, what is it that makes the difference? Why do dumb people sometimes have more money and intelligent have none? Why is there so much of uncertainty and unevenness in this creation?
Now that’s a question we all want to ask God! Maybe we are seeing just a part of a story and not the whole. Maybe God was just joking when He made this confused humankind! Or just maybe these are a few loose ends that He wanted to close.
Now if you answer those questions, you will be more intelligent than God! So just say, let’s just act dumb and wait for some idiot to answer that. After all dumb asses are born every minute!