Are You Clean Or Tainted?

TaintedI was told by someone that he has never taken or given a bribe so he is innocent and absolutely pure human being. He was never tempted or forced to do any wrong doings. So he is not tainted by falsehood or has sinned. I am sure you have absolutely no doubts in believing that this person is innocent or godly! Correct? No!!! You are very sure there is no such Satyavan on earth. And you are absolutely right!
Let us assume there is a clean banker or a cop. But you cannot assume that everything that happens within their domain is pure and clean. Their work place or colleagues may not be as pure. So then what makes them think they are clean or straight human beings? Aiding and abetting a crime is a greater sin. Just like passive smoking will cause cancer so also you may not be a drinker but since you accompanied the drinker, you too are privy to the karma associated with it.
Take the case of someone out of goodness of heart harbors a robber, won’t he get caught for harboring a criminal? Do you really believe that only good intentions makes you immune from all actions? You may say I had very good intentions when I joined the save the environment group, but they are embezzling public funds by diverting it to administrative expenses and filling their own pockets now, but I am not a party to that wrongdoings so I am innocent! What bosh! I remember my neighbor got convicted for carrying a bag of drugs into Singapore and she had no idea about it. Someone handed over a bag to carry and out of goodness of heart she did and what happened? She landed behind bars! Karma happens even without your knowledge so does it mean you are not liable?
The universal law of karma says that you are to suffer even if you are supposedly proved not responsible for that act! Just because you were around it. You may ask me why so?
Let me explain. Your sister or daughter got raped and your friend saw it but was scared to move, would you not hold him responsible for not doing something about it? In the same way if you see your friend copying in an examination and you don’t do anything about it. You may argue that you haven’t copied but you have not done anything when your friend was acting wrongly?
Not voting is as bad as voting for someone who is harmful to society! So what makes you think that you are immune from karma not sticking to you?
You perform actions of any kind, you end up performing some karmic deed. Even sitting on a sofa would tantamount to killing millions of poor bacteria in the seat. A blinking of any eye throws thousands of creatures from your lashes. Now you don’t know about it doesn’t make you innocent or not liable! You can argue till eternity that you aren’t responsible for some things but being present there makes you responsible and liable. You may say that you are innocent and not liable but wasn’t Krsna also suffering due to His sons answers. The entire clan of Yadus got wiped out because of the sages curse to Samba, who was Krsna and Jambavatis son!
So beware of the proxy karma too. Now if you need someone to guide you out of this crap, seek a guide or Guru who knows how to circumvent this issue.

Photo Credit: Pixabay