Are You The Name That Answers?

You have often been ridiculed for your size, your girth, your color, caste or your intellect. Then there is always someone superior to you to whom you are compared to. Now if you say you haven’t gone through this kind of attacks in childhood, you are damned lucky. There are people who are done that even after they have grown up.
Why are you always a butt of joke in someone’s life? Don’t you have any self esteem left in you after facing this all the time, someone may say. But what they don’t understand is you are too shy or suppressed right from your childhood. It has now become a defensive mechanism in you. You hate to argue with anyone and you believe they have a mouth so they say any bull shit. Since you have learnt to overlook and not get offended by it, you don’t mind it.
Even today your so called friends call you by your nickname. Sometimes you show you are offended but otherwise it doesn’t bother you. You let it be.
Now in our world of spiritual, we have got so much used to this body that we have learnt to live with it. Like and love it. You have understood its demands and fulfilled them all. All the unsavory aspects are accepted as a part of it. Now that body has become you.
Human beings have forgotten their true nature. They don’t remember who they truly are. The divine being that they hide inside is their true self. It’s impossible for them to go back to their own divine nature. How do you search for that divine is the question they have always wanted answer? The truth is how can the eye look inside! So all that they hear seems ridiculous about being that portion of the divine. No divine being is visible to them anywhere.
How does a person go back to knowing this true One?
Being so much accustomed to the body and its coverings like the name, family, qualifications, awards, etc. it’s highly improbable to surmount the knowing of the true you.
Krsnaknows helps you in unravelling your true Self. Stick on. You will someday know who you truly are.

Image Courtesy by pixabay