ASMR And Spiritual Ecstasy!

Autonomous Sensory Memory Response would sound like a very profound terminology but think about Johnny Walker singing,”tail malish” and you are home. We Indians are so much used to getting our head and body massaged and listening to soothing words that today we won’t think ASMR is such a big deal.
You have sexy voiced females cooing some garbage in videos and your head gets massaged or hair cut by your hack barber and you experience an orgasm???
What is this world coming to you may wonder? Wait, the days of phone sex are not numbered at all. They will become a much bigger industry.
You will have professional cooers or soft voiced people speaking huskily into your ear phones from a multi track recording and some beautiful looking barberess cutting your hair and you, that great idiot sitting in the chair will pay through your nose for an orgasm got from the wrong side of body but from right stimuli!
ASMR videos are a rage in YouTube and be ready to spend over half to one hour getting a lengthy orgasm by closing your eyes and visualizing some film heroine cutting your hair or giving a head rub.
This Kaliyuga is making us go sex crazy or more lusty with various methodologies. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was afraid of that. Lust and greed are two things that can get us down. Sex need not be physical in today’s day and age. Even a stimulating voice of a person can put you in the high. Even the mans effeminate voice can put you in a trance. I am sure you have experienced that ASMR with your local yoga guru! The accompanying of hypnotic music to the voice puts out neurological brain in a tail spin releasing happy hormones. Surely you have heard of these dicey serotonins? The happy hormones get their release and you get yours.
The next time you want a high you don’t have to spend on Tail Malish. Get to the YouTube video of ASMR and lull yourself into orgasm.
But now I ask you if you could get these highs by stimulation, why can you not get high on God that way? God is the greatest ecstasy in life. He is the highest of orgasms and blissful ness in life. Why not become a Mirabai or Jalludin Rumi? Why not loose ourselves in that spiritual high? It’s a permanent high and not a one hour massage and video or sound track. So join me in the satsang and get spiritually high on God!