At Dead End!

What happens when you are at dead end and there is nowhere to go? You are neither a Superman, nor a Spider-Man!
Why do you say you have nothing to do, when there is so much to do? Often, you arrive at this kind of state full of stupor. You cannot think of anything to do at that moment. You are stuck up in doing nothing. You have plateaued off then.
Life was full of things to do when you were small. Then came school and you were full of childish enthusiasm to do things and you did. Then came school and you wanted to top it and sometimes you did. Then college arrived and your frenzy multiplied. You wanted to conquer the world with radical ideas and world changing theories. Raring to get working in some place meant only for the people who live life in the stratosphere, you landed a job not worth talking about.
Your first set of disappointment came the day you set foot in your new organization.
Trying real hard in convincing the bosses that your theories are the best, you wrote lengthy reports but no one noticed them. They just junked them. Your first disappointment was terrible. Someone told you that you have great ideas and should persevere. You realized it then that you need to take your great stuff and peddle it somewhere else. Some place where you will get appreciated for your genius.
But such places are difficult to get by. Hardly anyone around you is truly bothered to notice your ingenious outlooks in life. Everyone is so caught up in the game of survival that they have no time for your frivolities.
Then one day after a lot of squirming and fighting against terrible odds, you are able to hold on to your dream mission. People sit up and take notice. You are on your way to stardom. You exult in recognition and fame. You love the whole world. You are the Malala of this world. You have come centre stage. You run after money and everything that is admired comes to you willingly. You become the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.
Then something goes terribly wrong. All the importance given to you starts dwindling every minute. You are feeling left out and lost. No one wants to keep your company. The rot seems to have set in. You cannot cope with the loss of face and recognition. You become a pariah overnight. Luck seems to have left you. Sneaked out of the back door. More so, bolted. You feel completely dejected and indrawn. You have no friends left. Your glory has faded. You have become a recluse.
You have given up on hope. There is nothing for you to do. Your life has come to a dead end or standstill. You are always seen day dreaming loud. You take to vices as if that is the only solace. Your world has stood still in stupor. Your strength and vitality seems to have vanished completely. You feel old. Your professional life has terminated. You are just a drifter. Wading in shallow waters never hoping to go out into the tempestuous seas again. You are terminally grounded or simply adrift.
Similar circumstances happen in your personal life too. The desperation towards sexual encounters had kept you searching for mates. You have finally found your match. You started a family too soon. Maybe in desperation, but now it is costing you your peace of mind. Constant fights erupt and there is no peace anywhere around. You feel like ditching the marriage but can hardly rustle up any guts. There are loans to pay, school fees to foot, premiums too spike your salary. You get no respite from tax rebates or savings. You are at your wits end to balance your books of accounts. You grow weary and tired. There is no energy left even to have a decent night of simple sex. You have reached your anticlimax in life.
Both these circumstances are crossing your path simultaneously. You are terribly tired for words. You only wish like that couple who won three times lottery, you too should have a similar run! But alas, luck has deserted you.
You have become a recluse, dejected and forlorn. You have no energy to even get up to lift your body out of the sofa. You have become a vegetable with no life whatsoever left in you.
So when your spouse or friend asked you to get up and do some work, you turn inwards and go to sleep. Simply ignoring all their cajoling or cussing. You have given up.

So now what is the solution to this problems? You have to break the egg to make an omelet. So the deadlock needs to be resolved. Giving up on life is not the answer and you know it. You have to begin the process again.
Stop feeling lost or drowned. There is always a solution. This is just a phase everyone passes through and you have to stop feeling defeated. Life is beautiful and the new day will begin again. Just believe that you were given this time for rest and respite so that you could again get back on your feet with vengeance. Don’t loose hope and give up.
Everyone passes through similar situations. Even Jesus had to fight the wall of Jewish preachers and Romans. Buddha too had to overcome the revolt within his group. They even killed Ananda. Rome too was completely burnt down but rose from the ashes.
So don’t you go back into your shell. Come out and see the sunrise once again. Work hard towards the goal. You have seen success and defeat too. You are complete in knowledge of both kinds. You know the downside too. You are a much rounded person.
Go ahead try once more. You will be successful. This is not the end.

At dead end

Image Courtesy by Google Images