Attachments And Renunciation

RenunciationEach one believes they are the best devotee and soon they have to undergo the toughest test. The test of their own devotion comes about in a very special way. Almost everyone fails the test. They deny The Lord and fall for their petty human nature. The one most important obstacle is the attachment to their body, mind, near and dear ones, homes and environment. It’s impossible to break those attachments. To let go and walk towards The Lord is extremely tough. Renouncing everything and having only One goal seems impossible. They believe that soon they will overcome that test and find time for God but it never works that way. They get trapped further. This becomes “markat vairagya” (monkey renunciation) and it doesn’t work. You can’t join The Lord in stages.
The cut has to be clean and single stroke. Don’t expect it to be painless or less taxing! It requires tremendous courage and will power to do that. To walk away from the comfort zone and security of material worldly life needs guts! Then comes tapascharya. For it to fructify needs sthirata and shaurya. So the need to lead a sanyasashram becomes necessary.
Everyone falls prey at the first juncture itself. To rise and walk towards God makes one His Apostle! Yet, the denial of The Lord is sunischit or inevitable!
To then rise and follow the diktats of The Lord is true devotion!

Image Credit: pixabay