Battle With Tamas!

In the battle with tamas and inertia, you say, I want to win! I want to see light and victory. I need that desperately!
Do you really want to get out of the shrift you are in? Are you ready to do everything possible in this world to win? You will surely answer me that you want to and that you are ready!
Next what happens is a repetition of the old. You get up and get going. You tell everyone that they should help you get to your goals and they should encourage. Then you make resolutions and lay ground rules to achieve that impossible goal. You set the alarm clocks, buy new stationary and set new timetables, get a new tool kit or a computer program, decide on a diet plan, create funding, start exercises, et al. Everything is raring to give you the ultimate thrust towards victory.
While on the planning page, you sit and dream about the money you will make or the glory that you will have. You think about public profiles, publicity, honor and accolades you will get. Your dreams are multicolored and multihued. You cannot stop smiling ear to ear. You are sure you have found the magic formula for victory. You are blessed by God and know that this time you will surely make it. You are fully charged up.
The next day dawns and you are awake early. You cannot miss for anything in the world the beginning of your glorious era. You make it a point to be nice to everybody in the world. Even your maid is surprised that you wished her. She wonders if you are completely off your senses! Your mother calls up and for the first time you are patient with her. She thinks she’s got the wrong number. The day goes by in a haze. Then two and then three.
On the fourth day something strange happens. Your alarm clock doesn’t ring and you oversleep. You see that the clock has stopped just short of your wake up time. Your bath is a mess, your staff is sick and doesn’t turn up. The supplier calls up and apologizes for delay in supplying. The computer suddenly seems old and heavy.
Your BFF calls you and arranges a lunch meeting. You indulge yourself in that with a gentle reminder that tomorrow you will work doubly hard. To compensate for the leeway you will surely make amends later. When you return back from the extended lunch and movie date, there are a pile of messages and mishaps awaiting you. You shut shop for the day with a powerful intention that tomorrow you will work the whole way out of all your issues.
The next day is the same mayhem like yesterday. You cannot wake up and you end the day with double pileup of jobs to do. You feel queasy and uncertain. You feel like puking since you bet the meal yesterday was stale.
Then the next day and the next comes and goes. You are back to your old ways of getting up late, playing late, no workouts, back pains, sprain and cold on the way, missed bank calls, avoiding folks since you have no answers for them, suppliers and agents hound you for payments, the staff asks for an advance in salary and many more such stories rear their ugly heads.
You know that luck is no longer favoring you. Your God has deserted you. Your life is full of crap and that you are a lone loser. Nothing seems to shine and everywhere there is darkness. The rays of hope are converted into swathes of dark and grey.
This is common story in almost all our lives except the scene changes. Some find studies to be painful and stop studying. Some are jobless and your enthusiasm to find jobs waned away and you accepted the so called fate.
Some have their emotions in turmoil. Their marriages or their relationships. Others have their careers, businesses, etc., which falter like before.
Literally every human being goes through these ordeals and promises to work hard but only one in a million makes it.
Why are you like all the others who promise and don’t deliver?
Can you not be the one who is one in a million who keeps all the promises? Can you not beat the devil in you of procrastination, laziness, lethargy, inertia, etc? Can you not be the victor? Work hard and smart. Win this battle over tamas or inertia! Above all stop this inaction and stupor. Lastly, stop giving reasons for failing and not performing!

Image Courtesy by pixabay