Be A Good Provider And Not An Auditor!

You have worked all your life for a company and have got paid salaries and no company has asked you what you do with your money. But when it comes to running your house, you have always asked your spouse where the money went? Why this partiality de?
The housewife/husband or whoever that runs the house is asked for every single expense and questioned at the extravagance or useless expenditure. Whereas the expense is valid and absolutely essential but still that decision is questioned. The earning member thinks its their birthright to ask for details of expenses.
In their company the chief accountant or accounts clerk is asked for the expenses and vouchers as supporting documents whereas you, who is getting paid the salary is never asked for supporting documents or where your money goes. You are just paid your remuneration.provider
But the same person going home asks where the money went to their spouse who may not be an earning member.
Just ask yourself why would that person spend anything at all on worthless stuff if they are good at running a household? These spouses know how to do their job well. They take pains to save also. So what is the point of asking for expenses?
Why not just hand over a fixed amount as a salary or a moratorium and forget about it? Just be a good provider and anticipate any additional expenses too. Keep leeway for extra expenses.
There are certain expenses which happen in an uncalled manner. They just happen so to take care of any emergency give some little more.
Become a good provider in your household. Your duty towards your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, society, etc. will make you understand that the money is always insufficient but a good householder will not crib or push you into providing extra. They will ensure that they can make do with whatever you give.
When you stay abroad and your spouse or parents are at home, then it is your duty to anticipate well in advance and provide for whatever you think they need. Most of them will not want to trouble their provider and keep quiet about the legitimate expenses they had to incur. So as a good son or daughter, husband or wife of the parents or spouses, just ensure that you give them sufficient funds for their needs and a little more for a rainy day!