Be Sagacious

Will you ever be sagacious? Why do you want to get conned in life always? You fall for silly and stupid scams like minions. Check out below how you work for the rich and then use your brains to become smart.
“Become a stock or shares millionaire, get rich, learn the secrets of billionaires”..these are the words that scream out to us everyday.Now, why would you read that and not want to become one? You have been scraping at the bottom of the jar, broken the piggy bank, used up your last resources and pawned the last ring. You are ripe for picking.
Most of the world is poor or middle class and just a handful are the rich. The rich are getting richer at your cost. Some sell you their software and some their hardware, others soft goods and daily necessities. They know your need and desires and leverage on them. They put their hand in your wallet and slip away your hard earned money easily.
Here is how you do it. Just a few years ago you were so much used to the old mixer grinder which was with you for over 15 years and it suddenly expired and you had to buy a new one. No doubt you assessed and examined every single one and after careful analysis bought the most durable and hardy one. But it gave way in less than a year! Same with your cellphone. The old one was hard heavy metal and the new one flimsy aluminum? More pixels doesn’t make one professional photographer, yet why do we buy higher pixel cameras? Owning a Ferrari doesn’t make us F1 drivers, yet the newly acquired low rise vehicle cannot be used in city traffic or on the highways too with speed restrictions.
So what makes you go for stuff which is useless in the first place? A one million rupees diamond set was gifted in the wedding, now tell me where will the new bride use it and when? Maybe once or twice and otherwise it will adorn the bank locker only.
Buying a 60 or 80 inches television and then not being around to watch it. Or calling the repair guy home and watching him slide a matchstick in between the panels to make it work, is the biggest stupidity of all! Paying a bomb for the suitcase and then watching a video where they slide a pen and open it, rob articles and reseal it without opening your lock.
These are some examples of stuff we acquire and rue away. The ones who sell us these useless stuff laugh all the way to their bank. They know your weakness and make the most use of it.
Lust and greed makes the world go round. So sell them that, says these millionaires refrain. Earlier you lived on homemade food, now you love takeouts and fancy restaurants. To enjoy more you have to earn more and do all that which gives you the extra buck. Buy a fancy house and then give it up in alimony. Spend a fortune in lavish wedding and next year spend a bomb on divorce lawyers or psychiatric treatment. Gym membership, slimming treatment, bust improvement or hair transplant, dental or cosmetic surgery, fancy maternity hospitals, spas and massage parlors, lavish holidays, membership of prestigious clubs, fashion shows, pre-or post wedding photo-shoot or portfolio, luxurious condominiums with so many facilities which will never get used, interior design with latest gadgets, fancy Italian kitchen, washroom with fancy fittings…. The lust is endless or should I say the list is endless?
All these are given to you by the ones who know your greedy nature. So now tell me what use are all these things when you are not even going to use them? What use are these when the family stays separate?
You will never be able to tell me how good all these things are since they can never be called the basic necessity. A man just needs a few things for his survival. A roof over his head, food for the body, some simple appropriate clothes and a decent standard of living. Then why does he run after all these worthless things? To make the rich man rob him his millions?
You make him rich with your unending greed. Your insatiable hunger for such gadgetry or gimmickry urges him to give you more useless stuff.
You should give up this unnecessary desires for worthless spendings. Work hard to spend effectively in quality stuff. You should definitely improve your living standards but lavish spend is a drain on resources. Be judicious in your life by getting proper assessment done of every need based implement or possession. The five star hotel has to entrap the customers so they spend on the rooms and facilities but why do you want to make your simple home into a five star hotel? You are not a guest there but the host himself and you don’t have to trap yourself as a customer.
Always go for functional stuff which is durable and utilitarian. Assess the fuel or power consumption before investing. Assess that investment too for long lasting and economic viability. Jewelry or expensive body accessories are a one time buy so don’t indulge in preposterous money splurging. Anyway, these items will have to be used very scarcely.
Can you live frugally like a sage? No way, so don’t even try. You are neither a sage nor a hermit. So when you live life as a human being, at least use your God given brains to not waste resources. Live judiciously and sagaciously. Which doesn’t mean you have to be a penniless sage!

Be Sagacious
Be Sagacious

Image Courtesy by     Skill-Guru