Become Comfortable

Become Comfortable

To become comfortable in the uncomfortable, writes one of my devotees. I disagree with that. Man tries hard to become comfortable in the uncomfortable and then complacent soon enough. Whether it is the job, home, marriage, place, position, diseases or death.

I had often wriggled myself in the fourth position of a three seater bench in a train from my hometown while going to work. You should see the videos of people pushed into a train while closing doors by the conductors. They are all packed like sardines going to work. Now imagine doing that for many many years to earn a living. Ask anyone who travels down the tube or metro rails.

It all starts as a simple compromise during your childhood. Mom says that we are poor people and cannot afford the luxury of a rich man’s home so we have to make do with whatever we have. We have to be happy and content and not complain about it. We can see her getting beaten up by dad who always sits with his bottle. Seeing John Travolta suffer his youth in Saturday Night Fever, we think that it is the in thing. We all need to suffer and struggle, accepting fate.

Next, we have always dreamed of becoming a hi-fi Wall Street expert and nurtured a secret desire to get into a Harvard or some such institution but when it came to our results, you knew you would have to settle for a third grade college. Those dreams got punctured soon enough.

A young woman dreams up storybook Darcy or a TDH guy to fall in love. The “happy ever after,” stories makes her swoon and crave for such a loving creature. Or someone like Christian Grey of Fifty Shades to have the time of life! But have to compromise to the most drabbest character, who never shaves, lives in the same underwear for a week, stinks like hell, makes love sloppily and snores. After tens of guys she finally accepts the fact that fiction can never be real.

Similarly, a man who had studied hard to go abroad and get a fancy job settles down with a girl from a faraway village. Thinking that she must be a pukka village belle, pure and pristine puritan, he agrees. But very soon learns how she could swig a cool glass, watch porn on her phone, has no culinary skills and is a demanding person in bed. His wildest of the dreams gets shattered and learns to live with her. Soon, she rules his entire life. He has become comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Look at your own life and I don’t have to give examples like above. You are a keg of gunpowder yourself. Ready to burst at the next flareup. You had always dreamed off great things but had always settled off with the most uncomfortable. From your job to your spouse, from money to holidays, savings to clothes, it has always been a life of a martyr. Sacrificing at every juncture. Even your parents have drilled it into you that you should learn to live a frugal life. And your spouse and kids have ensured that.

Man gives himself the credit every time he does some great act like that. He says great folks do that. Look at Jesus and Gandhi, haven’t they done so much sacrifices for mankind? But here I would like to ask them, whether they really think that these great people could be compared to their shitty sacrifice?

So let’s get back to our heroes and heroines whose uncomfortable has become too comfortable for words. Why would you want to become complacent and wriggle your ass into a comfortable position? Stop accepting shit. Don’t become comfortable ever. Now let me explain from the spiritual perspective. It is the fate that matters. Fate is not destiny. Destiny is fixed destination for you. You will any way land up over there, come what may. But fate is doable and flexible. You can bend fate.

Fate is the ultimate outcome of something that you know about. You know going out in bad weather you will end up with a cold, smoking cigarettes will cause cancer, playing with Fire will burn your hands and so on. You know what can possibly happen to you if you do something. Again, you know that fiction can never become real. When you know everything so well, why play around with fate?

There are no Dornans or Darcy’s in this world. Every man thinks through only one organ and every woman thinks through her thoroughly decomposed mind. There are no exceptions to the rule. So stop thinking that your next relationship will be ideal. Your next job will be a dream job. There is no cakewalk for anyone.

Start by making efforts and struggle hard till you can get there. Don’t make compromises in life. Don’t give silly reasons for not following your dream. Don’t come up with alternatives. Get determined and fixed with the idea that you will get there. Pursue your goals and never give up. Stop groveling and creating excuses for every little thing in life. Stop complaining and cribbing at every juncture. Just go ahead and do it. Keep growing and going ahead at all times. Don’t stop!

Image Credit: Pixabay