Behind The Mask

Everyone is behind a mask! Why do humans put up appearances in front of others? Why are we such hypocrites and behave in such goody goody manner, when we should be at each other’s throat? We love to enact a loving scene in front of the press or our friends whereas if these people were to know the truth, we would be going hammer and tongs at each other.
Every other day you find sleazy gossip about someone or the other having an affair with someone else and then the original couple making up. Does it mean they are doing it to not pay alimony, harm their children, make their parents or relatives believe everything is hunky dory? Or are they trying to mend and use the broken crockery? But why would you want to use a broken crockery, even when it has cracked end to end?
I still remember a person putting up a charade that everything is perfect and fine even after knowingly getting into a relationship with an outsider. This went on for nearly a year then to keep up the appearances that individual behaved as if in love with the spouse. But how much can a person deceive another. Finally everything came out in the open but nothing happened. The couple was back in the circuit and with another round of make believe relationship full of enacted deception. They are still going around with the make believe marriage. Today if you ask them if you are in the know, why this kind of charade and their answer will be their one child and society pressures. But is that the truth? Not at all. At stake is a huge property, money and reputation. Of course, society and all the other bs they dole out is equally a valid reason too.
I recently heard a young woman who has been married just a year ago, struggling to keep up her face in public after having a disastrous start of her marital life. Having educated herself taking a loan from the bank, she got married since the family happened to find the groom. They paid through their nose for the nuptials. But once she had taken the vows the entire situation upturned. The man refused to foot her education loan, refused to send her to work, treated her shabbily, more like a housemaid and her marital status is worse than a deprived villagers. So what does she do? Every occasion she goes out with a false smile, talks about her happily married status, tells about her husbands benevolent state of footing the entire education loan single handedly, behaves like an ever blissful bride. But why not come out in the open and tell her state and fight for her liberation?
Are we so much driven by inertia that we don’t even want to liberate ourselves? Why does a person give multiple reasons when they get the opportunity to get out or fly? Are we so much yellow in the guts that we are unable to move just like a frozen deer in front of a tiger?
Even if we are not able to move still why not fight for survival since we know everyone struggles when they are drowning. But I guess every human being wants to put up pretenses that they aren’t drowning. But the truth is known to one and all. Everyone is in the masquerade ball and every individual wears a mask hiding their truth behind.

Image Courtesy by pixabay