Being You!

Being You!

What does it mean being you? Everyone says that they need at least one success in life. Life would be a struggle before that single win but once you have it in your kitty, then there is no looking back.
Early in life, you become successful with good marks in school and college, then the quest for more wins gathers momentum. You desire success at every opportunity. Even success in your personal love life spurs you on. You become bolder and wanting to achieve more and more. Your goal setting becomes more like raising the bars, every time after your series of achievements.
Sometimes there are setbacks and you start regressing and you may reach a desperate level. You need that one glimpse of success. You hope and pray to God that a single ray should reach you somehow. You strive doubly hard but success seems impossible to achieve. Most people fall in this category. They have tasted success at an early stage in life and later, when they have lost the yen for winning, they have turned depressive and very cynical. To move them from the absolutely regressive scenario is extremely tougher for anyone. They require a single ray of hope or someone in life who will lead them out. For such type of people with defeatist attitude, there are a bunch of motivators called mentors, psychologists, life coaches and the like. They help these dead people back to life. They show them the path and give encouragement to go ahead. If you know someone who is at this stage then they should visit such motivational coaches.
The next type are the ones who have always been failures in life. They don’t know the word called success. Be it studies, love, job, money or whatever, these hapless losers have never seen any kind of success. They don’t know anything about the success. They don’t have any aspirations or hopes about life. For them, life has slotted mediocrity and helplessness. Then there are the docile cows that you see in the meadows. These folks do their school, college, jobs, marriage, children, etc., and never crib or complain about anything. They also accept the spouse with all defects, life without growth, days on end without change of scene, eating and drinking the same old stuff without any change. They sleepwalk through life without any life in them. Just like zombies. You surely have tried pulling them out and have got frustrated at their reluctance to move or grow. Finally, you have given up on them and walked away in frustration.
But don’t despair, they are rock steady like the rock on which is the lighthouse. They are the beacon which shows life not to be like them. You circumvent these folks and let them be. Just know that if you become like them, you too will be just a lighthouse telling others to avoid their vicinity since it is rocky. No amount of motivation will make them move. They are there to guide you away from themselves.
Some more are like the ship that goes from port to port looking for newer and newer stuff. To get more and more excitement. To meet people, see places, enjoy life and to never get attached to only one. These are those flighty kind that you meet in your daily life. An ever changing scenic folks. They have the adrenalin rush. A buzz around them. These are rare kinds who are self motivated and always raring to go. A whirlwind persona. They see success everywhere. Even in defeat they see success. They are the eternally optimistic kinds. They gauge life with levels of excitements. They are ebullient, enthusiastic, mercurial, vivacious, dynamic types who can never be caught frowning or drowning. They don’t crave success at all, yet, success follows them wherever they go.

You need all kinds to make this world a better place. It does not mean that the perfect ones are those that are always busy with success or the “Mask” types! God made all kinds of people in this world. So living with all kinds and not trying to change them forcibly is extremely important.
There are those who can never get up early in life. You have tried your entire life till today to change their timings and you have failed, so you gave up. But what stops you from adapting their ways of life and building a superstructure around them? It’s alright if they cannot get up early, but can you not give them the opportunity of working late, like the BPO industry? You can’t tell an owl to keep awake at daytime, can you? So give them jobs for nighttime!

So now that gives you an idea, that success is all about adaptability and acceptance. Adapt your own nature to the type of success you visualize for yourself. Forcing someone or your own self into doing something which doesn’t spell YOU is absolute failure.
So be a bee if you are full of buzz, ham it and roll in mud if you are a pig, neigh and trot if you are a horse, be blind to day if you are a bat, be your good self for what you are. Then you are full of successes.
Knowing your true calling and conforming to your innate nature is true success in life. Then you have lived a full life. You don’t have to emulate anyone else. Be yourself and be happy and enjoy the success of being you!

Being You!
Being You!

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