False Gods

Belief In False Gods

False GodsStop believing in false gods when you are in a hopeless condition. They and their cronies will tell you to do some stuff to appease them to take you out of this rut you are in. These are the loan sharks who wait for you to loose everything. They are the devil in disguise, who will dangle you with goodies to entrap you and enslave you. Haven’t you seen your own do vratams or severe austerities and extreme kind of worship and religious activities? You have seen people spend money like water for getting the right husbands, kids, jobs, whatnots!!!

Every door seemed to have closed on you and nothing moves. There is not even a hint of hope and you have reached rock bottom. How many times have you come to this state and felt completely defeated? Lost at sea or completely demoralized!
Religious fanatics or false evangelists love to give you some fantastic stories about rising from the ashes, seeing a ray of hope or having a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. But most of the time they are bullshitting you drawing you inwards towards their fold of religion. Do you think they are giving you any hope? On the contrary they are telling you to believe in some mumbo jumbo called religion and god. Now you seem like a logical human being, so what makes you fall for such crap?
Do you think god is going to open some door for you now? Is he going to welcome you in his arms and anoint you as his long lost son? Nothing like that ever happens.
You are back to where you started. Without any hope or dream. You are just drifting away in some endless ocean without any hope of rescue. That too just like Ang Lee film, Life Of Pi with a tiger and some monkey for company. Fear and hope. Hope dies and fear remains to attack you constantly. You are sincerely writing your journal because you have been taught that. To keep up hope, you need to remind yourself that there is god there. But then the story ended in rescue and the tiger ran away.
It showed the land or hope somewhere and fear slips away into the bushes. But fear kept company of the human being till the very end.
So you, who has lost all hope should know that this tiger, called fear of losing everything will keep you company.
Yet, there are couple of things that you could do. Maybe you can give up and drown yourself. If that happens you can stop reading this blog. You are a hopeless case then.
The second thing that you could do is count the stars or the fishes in the sea and wait for some rescue to happen. Which means you aren’t doing anything at all. You are just biding your time. You are a wasteful resource to mankind.
Next you can try to look around and see if you can spot some rope or paddle. Or rustle up a make-do paddle from the monkey bones. Just like Samson who used the donkey’s skull, to defeat the entire army.
So let’s work on the last option. Which means you have to do something that will make you survive. Stop believing in all the useless crap and start believing in your own self.
You know you are capable of doing anything. Just now, right at this moment you are a little bit demoralized. Doesn’t matter. Even Jesus was dejected and demoralized when the devil tempted him but he got up to fight that devil of inertia.
Aha! You got the word now. It’s called inertia which doesn’t allow you to move your tush even a little bit. So move it! Be bright and shove. Push hard that one who is not making you move.
Everyone has their own will to move and succeed. So use that gift given to you called self effort. Remember there is no god outside who wanted to help you! Don’t forget that. You are your own God.
The One inside of you is capable of rising and doing anything at all. Of course, the same God can kill you too. So stop being a doomsday person and respond to that God inside of you. He will show you the path to freedom or victory.
Have faith in your own self. You are much more capable than you can imagine. So move your muscles and hands. Do as much as you are capable of doing. Make that God rise inside of you.
The island of victory is in sight then. Walk over and meet the civilization. Be friends with all. Don’t have grudges with anyone. You might have lost your last belongings too but don’t despair. You will build anew. You will start all over again till you go on another journey of life.
So what kept you alive? Your own being and the God within. So stop believing in all those false gods outside of you. They all drowned in your hopelessness.

Image Courtesy by pixabay