Bitter Taste

Bitter taste can be experienced by eating bitter gourd. Similarly sour taste comes from sour lime. In our life we experience lots of bitterness and sour taste too.
Some people leave behind a bitter experience.
Truth by itself is very bitter and we wouldn’t want to face it more so often. Failures are a great way of showing these kind of tastes to us.
Having lost your girlfriend to your best friend makes us so. So also seeing your dimwitted colleague getting promoted to your dream position, will put you in that state. Your neighbor friend getting the latest model of the coveted car can ruin your taste too. Some stray observation by your friend or acquaintance could set the alarm bells ringing too. Everyday we face a barrage of situations which makes us bitter or sour. So ask yourself where is the sweetness?
Sweetness lasts for the shortest duration of time. Happiness is always short lived and we become bitter too very soon.
The greatest reason for the switch is our expectations in life. We were expecting a promotion which went to the dumb colleague and so bitterness creeped in. Hoping to top the class, you studied hard but as luck deluded you, your arch enemy went away with the honors leaving behind bitter taste in your mouth. The love of your life walked away into the sunset with your best friend in tow and that left behind a tonne of bitter taste.
So how to get rid of that unpalatable taste is your question? All these above tastes are expressions of the mind. The truth cannot be different but one. To experience the sweetness of life we first have to give up expectations.
Focus on accomplishing the task, rather than focussing on results. Why can you not focus on making the perfect attempt in life? Why do you resort to mediocre performance? Can you not put heart and soul in whatever that you think you are doing?
Stop focussing on end results. Instead of reaching the end point, can you not better the record?
All focus on reaching the goal and emulating the person who achieved it. You have to understand that you are setting bars and standards when you accept the previous achievers. But can you not beat all records and set the bars higher?
Aim for higher than the highest. You are capable of much more than what ideas you have about your standards! Here you are not focused on end result but since you aim higher than the earlier achiever, the sky is the limit. Now tell me how high is the sky? Endless! Right? So possibilities of breaking the previous records are endless and overwhelming.
You aren’t competing against any one person but against your own self. Your limits are non existent so don’t be bitter but give way to highest aspirations. They are endless and without any fullstops.
Don’t expect to beat someone else. Pit yourself against yourself. Which means compete against your lower self which tells you all about loss, defeat, bitterness and sour taste.
Never set any standards against yourself since you are incomparable and capable of reaching the highest goal of godhood. So aim for the endless sky and stop competing against some silly individual. Be your best friend and not your enemy. You are incomparable. Be truthful to yourself and be the best. Perform even the most mundane task perfectly to the highest perfection. You are the best. Stop being bitter and experience the sweetness in your true self by being good to your own self.