Blowing Our Own Trumpet!

Hearing your own voice or looking at your own image is a persuasive habit of every human being. Be it full of laughter or cries, beautiful or ugly, blackened or full of glory, a man lives to admire himself more than anyone else. Anyone who says I am not such a vain creature is talking bs.
Who cannot enjoy praises or eulogies about themselves? Only a fool will say that he doesn’t enjoy notoriety and a little bit of limelight! Even the so called sages or holy people want front page news and television coverage. I recently saw a decrepit old geezer of a so called god man singing and dancing away with beautiful foreign belles in one of the holy god channels. Don’t ask me what god does peddling amulets and pooja items with fading film stars? A healthy publicity campaign works wonders for money raking schemes.
So who says that they don’t want publicity and paparazzi?
Even the greatest of the holy men got accounts written down, getting edited by other savants too, plastering great pictures on the journals. So can I Instagram mine?
So I ask you what’s wrong to preen yourself or enjoy some center of attention? You too are entitled for some readership or likes in social media. I fully recommend an all out attempt to get more eyeballs. So go ahead and like this written nonsense, forward it to your friends, tag me, put it on twitter and other media. Like they say in India Nirlajyam Sada Sukhi which means the shameless are always happy! Amen!

Photo Credit: Pixabay