After all the running away from my Master, I realized that my KrsnaGuru is the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Almighty Lord. No matter where I go, he will not leave me. He lives within me and I in him, as described in the Vedas.

I finally plucked up some courage and gave my Master a call, and cried my heart out. The tears were uncontrollable after such an exalted experience. It was many days before I could speak to him and not cry and by then it was time for my Master’s arrival in Singapore. I did not know what to expect since it was the first time for my Master to stay with me.

On one side, I was overjoyed and on other, I was still nurturing a feeling of bitterness. Outwardly I made sure to demonstrate how normal and happy I was. It was to be one of the toughest testing periods of my journey with him and I was certainly not prepared for what was to come.

In the world of Spiritual one should always be prepared to face trying times. These are lessons in Spiritual and the tests of these lessons will keep coming to you until the Knowledge doesn’t become perfect within you. The tests can tear you apart and even today I continue to feel that way many a time. It leaves you with a feeling of not wanting to wake up to this world at all. However, my Spiritual Sadhana (practice) has helped me tremendously and in fact, has made so strong that now I can face anything in my life.

With mixed emotions, I prepared for my Master’s arrival and decided to go with the flow and face whatever situation he puts me under. Finally, my Master arrived in Singapore and the feeling of dislike took the forefront. Of course, I put in my best efforts to take care of him but at that time to add to my worry, I was living with one of my friends and his family.

In my life until then, I had never shared or rented a place with anyone else. I had either lived in my own home or had an independent place. Firstly, it was difficult for me to live with someone and secondly, my Master was visiting me. It was the most uncomfortable period of my life. I had to ensure that we did not come in anybody’s way and I also had to make sure my Master has a comfortable stay. This certainly was a big test.

Even today I can still feel it as one of the worst periods of my early days in Spiritual. Here I was, alone in a new country and had no one to go to. I have no idea how I crossed over that period in my life. When I look back today I am so glad for those wonderful tests in my life. If not for them, I would not be even half the person I am today and neither would I be growing in to the person I hope to be.

With the Grace of my Master, I have been able to pen this most wonderful experience in a string of words. Thank you for reading and do watch out for my next write-up about ‘Revelation of the Truth about Gem’.

Image Credit: WiseShree

Shree Krsna

Rajashree was the name given by my parents, but when I was named Shree by my Guru, I exulted. From a complete rajasic persona I was transformed into a devotee whose name appends Krsna's! Journeying through the wilderness of worldly life, I was lead by the kind words of expression by the divine hands to pen these profound supreme truth and greatness about my preceptor. This humble story is my deepest expression and reverence of love for my Master and my offering at his lotus feet.