Bribing Big Brother Who Is Watching!

Psst! Leakages and secrets are out in the open. Assange to Snowden and every other person is taking a leak. The media is abuzz with stories and episodes to mark the events. Shit is hitting the ceiling.
So you thought you were well covered and no one knew that you hate wearing the underwear? You are under the microscope always but your mind always made you feel safe and secure. Now you ask yourself, from whom were you trying to hide yourself from?
This ain’t a time for the Iron Curtain, nor a time for timeless wars, then what secrets are you trying to hide?watching
You gotta understand everyone believes that they are good at hiding their skeletons in the cupboards. But big brother is watching always.
Even in the spiritual, God is watching you always and there is nothing that you can hide from Him. The crooked ones go more often to the temples with large gifts to appease the god. They want to bribe their way into stainlessness by prayers, abhishekams, offerings, vratam and extreme methods like thaipusam body tortures. No wonder that poor god is revolted with their methods and out of fear he sanctions their evil doings. Now you wonder what kind of a god he is? A yellow one? An actor driving down late at night and killing some poor folks can do repentance by being kind to others? Or someone abetting the crime could get off the hook by bribery?
There are bigger agencies at work so stop thinking that there is something that can be hidden from God. Now this God is not the One whom you could bribe. He is not the One who takes a cut from your spoils. So stop acting naive and stop taking a load on your head and wearing black, when you are a black heart and the greatest con game yourself. No real God will save your ass. You have done that karma and its under scrutiny! No repentance or extreme prayaschit will help you.
So understand that there is always a payback. You have to repay in the same method. If you rape, you will get raped by the same person and not any other. Your karmas are bound to each other.
So why not be spiritual and stop acting stupid by thinking that God can be corrupted? Any one who thinks that he is not under scrutiny is completely batty. You are always under the scanner and will be in the future too.
Your Guru or Spiritual Master will teach you the methods of not falling into these karmic loops. He will work out your old traps and release you from repayments too. Spirituality teaches you the true God is within you and is infallible and by virtue of which you will know purity.