Can Money Buy Happiness

euro-447214_1280Money can buy you happiness, says the refrain. Surely, money can buy you not only happiness but even a ticket to the moon. Who says that it’s not important to make money? You should make as much as you want to. The joy of making money is very infective. Looking at you making money, others feel terribly inspired to emulate you.
Now that you have seen the upside lets take a stroll on the downside. When there is paucity of funds, you know your world has come to an end. You cringe every moment looking helplessly at the haves! They seem to be enjoying the fun while you are suffering. You only wish God gave you some hope. You wish you get some windfall. Maybe win a lottery. You wish to give every possible comfort to your dear ones. But alas! Life is playing cruel tricks on you.
On the other hand, your spiritual teacher is giving you garbage advice. He teaches you all that suffering is not worthless, you are expending your karma. Soon you will be with The Lord and He will give you all the joy and happiness you need!
Bosh! What if there is no Lord God or whatever? What if the Buddhist are true? Am I being conned into some bullshit about being poor now? While all these crooked Guru Teachers are making pots of money, building huge palatial palaces, conducting retreats, selling books and amulets, dishing out mind control stuff, stashing millions in secret places, fondling beautiful young girls, hobnobbing with the politicians and world leaders, spreading their joyful word, conniving with the television channels, giving press coverages, conducting huge jamborees, etc.
Now, look at these conmen in orange or white clothes enjoying the money they make for selling nothing! Sorry, for selling God, peace of mind, calmness, nothingness, tranquility, happiness with our hard earned money! Isn’t that a shame that I am still running hand to mouth and these bright folks run from banks to airports!
Money surely brings happiness. Otherwise why do you think they will not make it? Is it true then that even God is corrupt?
Wanna hear my take now! I can’t believe that! God is truly not about money or power. No rich man is remembered fondly. Even while they are alive, they are being preyed upon by droves or relatives, friends, leaches, goons. Isn’t that what Gatsby went through? Look at these rich buffoons trying stunts as common people. Someone aping the stewardesses, some rich man going in public transport incognito, some putting large sums in beggars plates, one trying living a jungle life, helping the nation of poor by adopting one girl child, opening gala charity events, working in slums with disinfectant sprays. The list is endless. Trying to retain that happiness they found when they were making wealth!
I understand now, that happiness is a continuous state and not temporary. It’s not like wanting an ice cream, getting momentary happiness when I eat it. The moment it hits my tongue, it’s gone! The happy state, I mean. I guess it’s the same with money as well. Money brings its load shit of unhappiness. You don’t need Sanskrit or Hebrew words of wisdom to tell me that. My plain dirty street English is enough to tell me that there is no happiness in anything at all in this material world.
So then that brings me to God for the happiness kind. The true happiness giving God! Not the orange and white clad goons one! Theirs sucks money. I don’t need a “For Sale” god!
I need a place to go to. A place where I feel secure and at peace. Dwelling in constant happiness. No special rituals or acts to reach that God. He should not be bought by paying money or some gymnastics. He should not be available in some place or time. I don’t want a God who tells me when to come, where to meet, how to dress, what to beg like, some words to sing or some bloke to force me to do something.
Can I have that God who doesn’t hate anything? Who is not biased with the lgbt people! Who doesn’t tell me that I should be poor or rich. Who doesn’t force me into submission. Who doesn’t ask me questions to puke out my past deeds. Who is kind and gentle like a true father?
I need that God alone.
I am still searching for that kind of God. Tell me the moment you find Him.
Meanwhile I am going to run after,”trying to make money”game! Ah! Greenbacks here I come!

Image Credit: Pixabay