Canto 11: Ch21 Part06 – Srimad Bhagavatam

Too Many Gods
Have A Choice
Begin in Spiritual
Parabolic Parables
Spiritually Illegitimate

Meet the 
Spiritual Master

Meet the Spiritual Master from India


What does He offer?

He offers you the knowledge about your own being and the Self. He answers all your questions about the spiritual. Questions like- Who is God? What is the meaning of Life? What is my true calling? What is karma or sin? What is samsara and dharma? And so on. These answers are offered not by bookish knowledge alone but by true experiences which will firm up your understanding about Self or God! These experiences take us on a journey in the exploration of the Self by practical methods. His methods of teaching is through Satsangs or expositions offered in His company with the help of some divine texts or simply by His association. His methods of teaching are direct and he is approachable with reverence and not with arrogance. Please do not come with an idea of showing off your own understanding and knowledge. Approach with complete humility and surrender.