Cat And Mouse Play!

When the cat is away the mice play. It’s a very common adage and we are so much used to it that the moment the confines or shackles are removed, we stop working and become the uncontrollable freak.
Why do you think that happens? We are so much used to noise and chaos that we loose out on conformity and order in life. So when the teacher left the classroom unattended for few minutes, the noise levels shot up and chaos reigned supreme. Likewise when the spouse goes away for a few days, the house turns into a pigpen.
We wait for such opportunities in our life when the chains that bound us are removed. I still remember taking dealers for trips and faraway conferences and they misbehaved like children, except that the things they fell for were flesh and booze! Otherwise these were purely respectable people in their controlled atmosphere. They were disreputable and disgusting in the world where they had the so-called freedom and were the highly behaved individual in front of their customers, kids and spouses.

When someone gets freedom or as they believe its “no-controls” life, the individual turns aggressive and wants to experience all kinds of forbidden stuff.
This universe seems uncontrollable after the Big Bang , but if you observe the outer space, you will be amazed to find complete order. The bang created an object which should be shapeless but it does have shape and falls into a systematic trajectory and path. Why does that happen? It does because there is an unseen force that keeps it there. Two forces for that matter. One internal and other external. Guess one is called gravity and other is dark force. I am not much knowledgeable about it but I am sure you understand.
So it is common knowledge that we can never fit into a bracket if we are not forced to. We need discipline and order to keep ourselves sane and straight. Given a chance, we will go to chaos and ruin. So rules and laws are very much important. If we are left on our own we will go to ruin and chaos. So lets get together and let someone lead us for progress.
In spiritual you have the Guru, who guides and motivates you towards your destination. Work for progress and conform to the highest pathway.