Ch 03 to 04 – Sri Dattavatar – Guru Charitra Discourse Part 03

This Satsang covers the discourses on the Guru Charitra Chapters titled – Ch 03 Reasons behind Sri Hari’s Incarnations and Ch 04 Sri Dattavatar by Master KrsnaKnows.

Chapter 03: Reasons behind Sri Hari’s Incarnations
This chapter describes how Lord Sri Hari, in order to save his devotee King Ambareesha from the wrath of Sage Durvasa, draws upon himself the curse which Durvasa intended to pronounce against Ambareesha. As a result of Durvasa’s curse, Sri Hari had to take repeated incarnations on earth, which in a way, was the greatest blessing to the world.

Chapter 04: Sri Dattavatar
This chapter describes the advent of Sri Dattatreya as the son of Anasuya and Atri. This chapter illustrates the power of charity, i.e., purity as exemplified in the life of Anasuya. Her purity could transform the great Trinity(the Durlabhya, i.e., the unattainable) into mere babes in her arms and make them Saulabhya (brining within one’s easy and close reach).

The name Atri means one who has transcended the three gunas. Anasuya is one who is bereft of human frailties such as jealousy, etc., and is spotlessly pure. Where ‘Atri’ and ‘Anasuya’ co-habit, the Lord himself is also sure to abide.

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