Ch 05 to 06 – Incarnation of Sripada Sri Vallabha – Guru Charitra Discourse Part 04

This Satsang covers the discourses on the Guru Charitra Chapters titled –  Ch 05Incarnation of Sripada Sri Vallabha and Ch 06 Gokarna Mahabaleswar  by Master KrsnaKnows.

Chapter 05: Incarnation of Sripada Sri Vallabha

This chapter describes the reincarnation of Sri Dattatreya in the Kali Yuga as Sripada Sri Vallabha, in Peethapuram, as a son to Sumata. Sripada Sri Vallabha sets out on his divine mission at a very early age, after curing his lame and blind brothers and blessing the household with endless prosperity.

Chapter 06:  Gokarna Mahabaleswar

This chapter describes the birth of Gokarna Mahakshetra. Ravana, by the merit of his great penance, earns the Atma Linga from Lord Siva. How the Atma Linga happened to get grounded at Gokarna is described in this chapter.

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