Ch 18 to 20 – Guru Nath’s Grace on the Yogini – Ganas – Guru Charitra Discourse Part 11

This Satsang covers the discourses on the Guru Charitra Chapters titled – 18 Poor Brahmin Finds Treasure, 19 Guru Nath’s Grace on the Yogini – Ganas and 20 Guru Nath’s Blessings on the Brahmin’s Wife by Master KrsnaKnows.

Chapter 18: Poor Brahmin Finds Trasure*
This chapter describes how Guru Nath comes to the Panchaganga Kshetra, the holy confluence of the Panchaganga and River Krishna, near Amarapur. Guru Nath relieves the poverty of a Brahmin of Amarapur by making him discover a treasure pot in his own yard.

Chapter 19: Guru Nath’s Grace on the Yogini-Ganas
This chapter describes the Audambar Vriksha Mahima. It also narrates about the special worship which was being done by the Yogini-Ganas to Guru Nath every day. Guru Nath shows Prayaga, Kasi and Gaya to Ganganuja and makes him complete the whole pilgrimage within just a single day. Sri Narasimha Saraswati later announces that he was leaving from there. He comforts the Yogini-Ganas that he would continue to be present there only in his subtle form(grace body) and will be answering the prayers of all his devotees.

Chapter 20: Guru Nath’s Blessings on the Brahmin’s Wife
The chapter describes that even after Guru Nath left the Panchaganga Kshetra(Narsobowadi), his padukas which had been left under the Audamber Tree continued to respond to the prayers of devotees as per the assurance given to the Yogini-Ganas by Guru Nath. A woman was freed from a Bramha Rakshasa, who had caused death to all five children born to her. With the grace of Guru Nath, two sons were born to her again. But one of the sons, just when the parents were planning to do his Upanayana ceremony, dies. Guru Nath in the guise of a yogi, appears before her and imparts philosophical teaching about the inevitability of death. He tries to reconcile her with the event, but the woman remains inconsolable.

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